When you desperately need some RELIEF!

Jun 1, 2022 | Ryan's Blog


When I say: “that feeling of relief,” I know you know what I mean.
There are 2 things that, to me, perfectly illustrate a palpable feeling of relief:
1- when you get to empty your very full bladder (TMI?)
2- when you FINALLY FIND something that has been missing for enough time that it created a huge energy leak hole in your soul!
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In light of the the continually crazy world news, lately I’ve been seeking ways to fill my tank because, let’s be honest, it’s tough all around. So much is happening that it’s whipping us back and forth, up and down, leaving us all with a helpless feeling. 
It’s really sucking me down. So I want to share my 2 mantras:
1- We are better together! 
2- Focus on what we CAN control, and let go of what we CAN’T.
Last Thursday afternoon, after I just couldn’t function “like normal” for one more minute, I shut everything off and dove into some “organizing therapy” in my own home. I love to give myself and my family the gift of my gift as an organizer. (I’ll be sending them an invoice, of course!)
We have this gorgeous mirrored door armoire that my mother-in-law gave us when she inherited her aunt’s armoire. We love it. It sits in a place that lets me use it almost like a vanity and mud room. I keep my extra purses, lip gloss, travel Kleenex, masks, and also that stuff that makes it easy to mail stuff like stamps and envelopes.
But wow that thing had gotten out of control!! So, I went to town on it and all kinds of good things happened!  
1-  I found that I have WAAAAAY too many lip balms and lip glosses (but why do I always feel like I can’t find any?? Oh, the dilemma of life…)
2- Now I get a repeated visual “pop” now when I open it and SEE the stuff in there which fills my little heart!
Oh, and the best thing??
3- I found the post office box key that I’d been missing forever!!
And all the good juju!
Tackling that space lit a fire under me that I kept going all weekend long in my house, including on Memorial Day! We opted to not do the typical day-drinking at the pool, but instead to stay inside and avoid the heat.  
I have another armoire that holds our school/office supplies and wrapping paper that has also fallen into a state of neglect. But yesterday, I brought it back to life while listening to an amazing audiobook on Audible!  
Talk about SELF CARE, people!!! (for free, too!)
(Here’s the “before” pic…I realize it’s not TERRIBLE, but believe me, it’s contained chaos)
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Organizing therapy. 
Yay me! Now I have stuff to donate, tons more awareness and space in these two armoires, and so much satisfaction about what I accomplished!!
Just do ONE DRAWER. (Hint: the one that makes you the most crazy when you open it.  
Enjoy the “after” pic!  Some of the drawers are empty, and a few of the big ones still need attention. #done
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So, I want you to go get that feeling of empowered satisfaction. Done is a thousand times better than perfect. And PS, there is no perfect!
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Ryan 🙂


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