The CALM Method book is here!

The CALM Method is life changing for real

 Born out of experience, the author tells how you can learn some get-started-right-now techniques to break free of constantly being late and unprepared. She knows how it feels to live the reactive life, constantly missing deadlines and being overly stressed out. One day in February of 2020, she put her foot down declaring: I WILL FIX THIS! And along came the CALM Method. This book can help tamp down that last-minute living and you and (everyone around you) will benefit and create more space for success.

Be sure to enjoy the useful templates at the end of the book to get you going right away!


What You’ll Learn:

  • A ready-to-implement system!!
  • Setting up your calendar for success
  • Using your alarms to stay on track!
  • Controlling the distractions!
  • Getting into Action!
  • Celebrating yourself!
  • Leaving behind that last-minute living FOREVER! 

What They’re Saying…

My friend Ryan Leary Lanier just released a book and reading it is like having a conversation with your BFF. You know the one: She tells you a story that made her feel like a hot mess, you say, “girl, I have been there!” Then you swap places and you tell her a story and she says the same. Except this time, instead of just bouncing stories back and forth, she says “Hey I have this great idea how we can get off the hot mess express and be better prepared and feel less stressed.” Genius! Plus she’s funny. That always helps. Check out Organizing4good to get the book and see the other cool stuff she’s got going on. #theCALMmethod

Fawn G.

Save your sanity and get CALM!

Before reading this book I assumed scrambling and rushing were part of being a mom. The CALM Method provided me with encouragement and tangible action steps. Since implementing these steps I am able to leave the house without running back inside 5 times! I no longer have to yell for the kids to hurry and we are on time! The CALM Method was a game changer!

Renata P.

I was quite successful yesterday and it felt fantastic! 🙂 Today was a little crazy, but I’m going to continue implementing the alarms and trying to put EVERYTHING on my calendar. Well, maybe not bathroom breaks, but I did miss something today because it didn’t make it on my calendar. Not sure how I missed it on Sunday, but it is on the calendar now. 🙂

I’m just gonna keep on keeping on so I can get that habit formed!!! Thanks again so much for your help and insight. Love it!!

Karen G.