First, what Def-Con Level of Personal Chaos describes your life? Are you typically late and unprepared on the regular? Would you say you have at least 1-3 things you can’t find that are currently stressing you out? Do you feel “the Squeeze” on a regular basis because of this last-minute living? Are the “Stress Goggles” superglued to your face all day every day?

I get you because I AM YOU!  I have lived on the freight train hamster wheel for decades, and it sucks. I’m learning still, but I have something you need: the CALM Method.

Is this you?

I regularly get out the door late, unprepared and already stressed about my day?

Do you:

    • Get distracted by all the things when you sit down to make that list?
    • Just want to cry when you open email?
    • Have boxes of things in your car to donate, items to return, but never end up TCB (Taking Care of Business)?
    • Want to do more of things that you love, but are constantly stuck doing OPS (Other People’s Stuff)?

You’re in the right place if you want to:

Feel “put together” and tackle your day with energy

Readily lay hands on your stuff and not spend loops looking for things


Reduce stress and open up time for you

Make a greater impact in your home, your community & the environment

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