Welcome to your journey with the CALM Method 

 the CALM Method:

are you ready to do this??

You’re already on your way to solving the daily frustrations of being late and unprepared on the daily.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Setting up your calendar for success
  • Using your phone to tackle distraction!
  • Controlling your space daily
  • Getting into Action! Today, yes, TODAY!

What They’re Saying…

I was quite successful yesterday and it felt fantastic! 🙂 Today was a little crazy, but I’m going to continue implementing the alarms and trying to put EVERYTHING on my calendar. Well, maybe not bathroom breaks, but I did miss something today because it didn’t make it on my calendar. Not sure how I missed it on Sunday, but it is on the calendar now. 🙂 
I’m just gonna keep on keeping on so I can get that habit formed!!! Thanks again so much for your help and insight. Love it!!”      -Karen C.

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