Giving your items second lives

The philosophy of Organizing4good is that when you generously decide to dismiss items from your home, you can easily give them a second life with someone or entity that needs them. Also, responsible recycling is easier than you think (for example, electronics and magic markers!) with just a little bit of help from Google. This #givewhereyoulive tab is intended to be a powerful resource for you, whether you are my client or not, and I hope to help keep you motivated to get #organizing4good!

NOTE: please check with all resources for their COVID-19 stated policies and or closures

I want to join the freecycle revolution

Ways to FREEcycle:
(person-to-person donation / sharing)

I'm a giver, what can I say

Ways to Donate:

NOTE: several of these are local to ATX


General Donation
Household / Home Improvement
Car Seats
Office Supply / Craft Items

How do I recycle this?

Ways to Recycle:
(Giving to recycling centers)


Batteries / Bulbs
Pop Tabs
Tennis Shoes
Tennis Balls
Dried Markers
Paint Cans / Hazardous Materials
Recycling Education

I'd like to make money

Ways to Sell / Consign / rent:

(Turn Your Old Stuff Into Cash)

Clothing (locally In Austin)
Clothing (Online)
Musical Instruments
Books / CD / DVD

Interviews with AWESOME Non-profits