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Perfect For:

Can’t get anything done? You need to attend these Zoom workshops where the name of the game is get your FOCUS on! Piles of paperwork, personal projects, clearing out emails, writing a book, whatever you need to do…find fuel for your focus in these workshops!

Timeline: monthly

Investment: $188


  • Weekly varied sessions offered monthly
  • Get your week planned, tackle that “someday project” you never want to sit down to do, log in to that course you bought
  • Each workshop is broken down into laser-focus sessions with mini-breaks to keep your nose to the grindstone and achieving your goals

What’s the magic sauce? ACCOUNTABILITY. A time block JUST FOR YOU. You will receive energy from the other attendees to get shizz done!

1-1 Organizing Coaching – Virtual

How Does it work?:

Sign up for a month of virtual coaching and get a handle on your schedule, spaces and sanity as we work together consistently to identify the problem areas.  In between sessions, you get access to me, your coach, via FB messenger/Voxer. Knowing you have that accountability out there keeps  you moving that needle forward.


Timeline: 1- 45 min session each week for 4 consecutive weeks

Investment: $300

What to expect:

With a month of weekly sessions to work on any troublesome areas being either physical, like closets or kitchen cabinets, or less tangible yet still difficult, like setting up systems for incoming mail and solid calendaring for success, we can make real progress with this method. We will exchange photos ahead of time for planning purposes, then use Zoom for the actual meeting and worktime. Move your needle with this targeted, personalized type of coaching, and no need to be local to Austin!

1-1 Organizing Sessions In Person (Austin,TX)

Perfect For:

Those that need to tackle those areas with all hands on deck to clear out the clutter and open up mental and physical space.

Timeline: 3-4 hours

Investment: $288-388

Session Includes:

Got areas that are just too daunting to attack on your own? Are you afraid to pull it all out then get pulled away only to get more overwhelmed upon returning to that spot? Book a 3- or 4-hour session and benefit from targeted planning, decluttering, and functional systems established for the spaces agreed upon. Special attention paid to giving your items second life with any number of options available in the local area. One vanful of donations will be taken away per session, with some exceptions (chemicals, firearms, traditional recycling and landfill trash).  Watch your spaces get lighter and leaner!