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What is this magical

Find FOCUS Membership?


Do you struggle to have consistent structure in your day while trying to get shizz done as your to do list grows overwhelmingly longer??
In 2020, I created this accountability membership community to help people like me: people with copious energy leaks like dusty personal projects, overflowing filing cabinets, and 1000’s of email in our inbox.  Together, we fight against distractions and set ourselves up for weekly success. It’s all about the Magic sauce of knowing you are surrounded and supported by each other as you tackle WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO!  The ladies! The love! The accountability! The safe space!

When are the FOCUS workshops??

Mon 7-10am: “Start your Week Strong”

Wed 7-10am: “Winning your Week”

Thurs 10am-11am: “Just Log In”

Friday 7-10am: “Wrap up your Week”

Sunday 12pm- 1:15pm: “Get Set Sunday”

Mon 8-11am: “Start your Week Strong”

Wed 8-11am: “Winning your Week”

Thurs 11am-12pm: “Just Log In”

Friday 8-11am: “Wrap up your Week”

Sunday 1pm-2:15pm: “Get Set Sunday”

Mon 9am-12pm: “Start your Week Strong”

Wed 9am-12pm: “Winning your Week”

Thurs 12pm-1pm: “Just Log In”

Friday 9am-12pm: “Wrap up your Week”

Sunday 2-315pm: “Get Set Sunday”

Mon 10am-1pm: “Start your Week Strong”

Wed 10am-1pm: “Winning your Week”

Thurs 1-2pm: “Just Log In”

Friday 10am-1pm: “Wrap up your Week”

Sunday 3-4:15pm: “Get Set Sunday”

 Sounds like just what I’m looking for!! I’m so in!

I have less availability, but I need this!

 I’m not sure yet, can we talk?

What They’re Saying…

My favorite things:
The wonderful ladies in it! The accountability. The genuine caring and support from other members. Having set times when I know I’m going to work on particular projects so (A), they get done and (B) I can stop worrying about them the rest of the time. i.e. feeling guilty that I’m not working on them.

Monica E

My greatest joy from being in the FOCUS membership is…

This group is great for the accountability and knowing there is a time to get those nagging things done so you can go on with your week and focus on other areas. Just wish I had this opportunity sooner, I’m loving the transformation at home. The biggest is that I sometimes don’t even turn on the computer in the evenings because I’ve already tackled my to do list!

Theresa M

I have been part of Ryan’s FOCUS membership for a short time but I am already seeing the benefits! Given that I have a fully functioning ADHD brain, I find it difficult to slow down and focus on what is on the plate in front of me. This group gives me the accountability to do that and the positive energy that makes me WANT do it! I love this whole concept and wish I had it years ago!! <3   

Hollee M