What is this magical

“Find FOCUS & Fight Distraction Together” Membership?


*Do you struggle to settle in your chair and get shizz done while your to do list grows longer??

*Are you looking for FOCUS & accountability?

*Do you thrive with a community of like-minded awesome women?

This membership is the special sauce! It provides access to multiple FOCUS  workshops all month long, personalized coaching via Voxer (an easy to use app), and amazing accountability that you’ve been needing for so long!  *****BONUS: access to the brand-new Be the Boss of Your Email and More Membership!!

when are the Focus workshops?

  • Mondays 8-10:30am (Central time!)
  • Weds 12:15-1:15pm *Be the Boss*
  • Weds 1:30-4:00pm
  • Thurs 12:30-1:30pm
  • Fri 12:30-3pm
  • Sunday Basket Work time 2-3:30p!!

What you’ll experience:

  • Time you’ll USE to get shizz done
  • Community and coaching support!
  • Crushing those distractions
  • Accountability and motivation!
  • BONUS: free access to the “Be the Boss of Your Email and More” membership!

What They’re Saying…

My greatest joy from being in the Focus membership is…

This group is great for the accountability and knowing there is a time to get those nagging things done so you can go on with your week and focus on other areas. Just wish I had this opportunity sooner, I’m loving the transformation at home. The biggest is that I sometimes don’t even turn on the computer in the evenings because I’ve already tackled my to do list!       –Theresa M

I’m so glad I found this group membership!
Thank you so much for the incredible support over the last two months. With your help, I’ve been able to make more progress than I could have even hoped for when I first signed up.         -Chava O