Have you ever felt like you were going to miss a flight?

Sep 21, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Coining a new term: the CALM Embassador

Are you someone who typically runs late?

Are you the person in your friend/family group that they tell an “earlier” time to so you will be more likely to be on time?

Is this detrimental to your relationships at home?

What about work? Are you typically late to meetings?

Do you arrive either exactly as the meeting starts or even a few moments late? (including Zoom?)

Are you the disruptor of productivity not only for the meeting but for yourself?

Don’t be Karen…

Last week, I was in the security line at the airport, heading to Tampa for my late uncle’s celebration of life, and a couple cut in line but then immediately said, “I’m so sorry but our plane departs in 30 minutes!”


Without hesitation, I immediately shooed them in (partially because that’s who I am and because I was EARLY, and mostly because I have so been there!). I know that sick-to-your-stomach feeling. The absolute DREAD of knowing you might miss your flight! And then the repercussions if that happens…


They were white-faced stressed. Their movements were tight, and likely they’d been yelling in the car on the way, all the bad juju was permeating off them. I felt so bad for them.

But also, selfishly, I felt so great for me. Truth!!! I really did!!!

Not only wasn’t I running late; I was actually early. I was RELAXED.

I wasn’t even stressed that somehow when I booked my ticket, it didn’t have TSA-pre check (ugh!) so I was in the regular security line. (Once you get spoiled on TSA-pre it is hard to do anything else!)

And then I realized: I am CALM embassador now! Thanks to the CALM Method of course!!

When you plan to be early, then you give yourself so many gifts:

-time to run back and get something and not be pushing the clock
-time to get gas if you are low
-time to not freak out if there’s traffic
-time to find another parking lot if the one you always park at is full
-time to not panic if the bag drop line is 50 people long

Right?!?!? Those are gifts.

Honestly, the CALM Method’s very foundation is to give you all these beautiful gifts. The world is stressful enough and filled with distractions and unexpected detours at all times…if you build in that buffer time, then you have time to deal with it. CALMLY.

And, BONUS, you have the time to grant to others that are not CALM! You, too, can be a CALM embassador! You can walk the walk and preach the joys of being early and/or on time.

Would that benefit you, your family, your work?

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