Passion projects CAN get done when you know yourself.

Apr 2, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to April-out-of-nowhere!!??!? Carpe diem, because life ain’t slowing down so strive to spend your time doing things that are meaningful!!

Current musings:

I have a million ideas. Then my ideas have ideas…and there’s not enough time in ten lifetimes to act on all those ideas! So what’s a QuickStart to do??

I get the ideas out onto paper in my Bullet Journal and/or digitally in my Teux Deux app, yes, but then I have to face reality:

You can do ANYTHING, but you can’t do EVERYTHING.

I’ll try to keep the cliches to a minimum, but when you throw spaghetti at the wall looking to see what sticks, you’d better count your chickens before you can play your cards right in that uphill battle!

Okay, seriously, though, it’s tough when you have too many want-to-do items in a giant pool filled with endless have-to items. Just like a dog with a bone, I’ve percolated on a particular idea for years that I have not gotten off the ground…until now. And I’m giddy!!

Well, last year, I did actually start it going and shared it with a few people, but then canceled it out of fear. Fear of what? I’m not sure, but I was absolutely afraid of failing or something, so I canceled it. UGH.

What is this thing that I so desperately want to do, but can’t seem to wrestle the dragon into submission??

If you’ve known me (or have been reading this newsletter) for a few years, you know I’m borderline OBSESSED with the beautiful heart-work of nonprofit entities and deeply respect the way they work tirelessly to fill in the cracks to support marginalized populations. During Covid, I became deeply concerned about them so I reached out to many Executive Directors to interview them about HOW they were going to continue their seemingly endless hands-on work in this new VIRTUAL world? 

With the essential support of my amazing right-hand virtual assistant (Karen the Great!), those interviews came together on YouTube to create my “Nonprofit Shout Out” Interview channel…I learned so much from every single of of those conversations. Each one touched my heart in a beautiful yet also painful way. (Hmmmm, that was a passion project!)

Even longer ago than Covid, (was there even such time??) I had the pleasure of attending a “pop up sale” at a friend’s house that was actually a fundraiser for Dress For Success Austin. The hosts had set it up like a boutique, and the stuff for sale was all donated by the attendees! We paid a nominal amount per item, all of which went directly back to support the nonprofit! It was fun, environmentally impactful, and gave us all the feels knowing we were supporting a truly life-giving nonprofit.

My own “someday” version of that event has been swirling around in my head ever since then. FOR YEARS. With no action.

Why? Because it’s “only” a passion project. It’s hard to push aside the “must-do” items and throw oneself into a passion project. But sometimes you have to make time to do things that feed your soul, right??

At last, I’m SO EXCITED to share that I am doing it! I’ve scheduled, conferred, confirmed and started to invite folks to my event called the Clothing Swap Soiree and “Fun-Raiser” Benefit for Dress For Success Austin!

Can you feel my excitement???? I mean, it’s a soiree!! Who doesn’t love a soiree??

Current tool:

What flipped the switch? 

What finally got this passion project out of my head (idea) and into motion (taking action)?? Hint: it’s a TOOL!!

One day while getting some steps on our walking treadmill, I spun up a podcast and one of the episode titles caught my eye like a delicious bakery display case (you know the one!).

The title? “How to Plan a Project and Actually Finish It” with Kendra Adachi, AKA The Lazy Genius.

BAM. Yes to all of this! Preach, Kendra!

It was only a 20ish minute podcast, but those 20ish minutes changed my life, right there, right then, not exaggerating. I took actual notes whilst ON the treadmill (mostly legible…LOL) and each one of the 7 steps felt, doable, small enough, and like grease to my wheels.

Are you disappointed? Are you thinking, “Well, duh?? Of course you needed a project action plan, Ryan…”

HAVE YOU MET ME??? Everything is constantly new to me…and I have my own certain personality and conative requirements to work with. (and sometimes I forget that, did I mention?!)

As an MBTI ENFP with a Kolbe MO of 3393, (I still can’t figure out my Enneagram number…help me, Holly Perez!) I instinctively need the tool of a clear framework to move my chosen idea forward. With a plug-n-play system, I am off and running!

I won’t spoil the Lazy Genius’ steps for you, so give the podcast episode a listen and please email me here and tell me if you found it helpful. 

I can’t do everything, but I’ve chosen do this particular thing, and I’m finally really and truly making it happen!

Current offerings (AKA tools):

Passion project energy!!

**Interested in attending and/or supporting my passion project soiree? Email me here and I’ll email you the link! 

→ Local peeps, feel free to clean out your closet and attend! (May the 4th)

→ Non-local peeps (and local peeps too!), feel free to support with your dollars (donation link is in the Evite and I’ve set a BIG GOAL to support DFS ATX)! 

FOCUS Vortex energy!!

**Intrigued by getting more done with a groovy group of great gals?? Then check out my FOCUS Mentorship Group! We meet 3 times a week (MWF) on Zoom from 9-12p CST and it’s the office hours you need to get your projects on down the road, yay you! Body doubling and accountability like you’ve never felt in your life…come-n-get it!!

Ryan 🙂


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