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Jul 9, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

July 9, 2024 – We are BAAAACK!

Where I’ve been:

I took a bit of a break from sending out a regular weekly email/blog from Memorial Day to the July 4th holiday…and it was a good choice! We have to step back sometimes and rest or redirect energy elsewhere.

And that’s what I did!

Since the summer of 2024 officially kicked off, the theme has been travel! I’ve been a few places: to the Bahamas with hubby and my 3 man-boys, to Denver for my oldest son’s grad school graduation, and most recently, Key West with just my hubby for all the fun and sun!

Vacay is great, of course, but it’s also great to be back writing and connecting with you again. Especially since I’ve been sitting on a what I consider to be an exciting secret that I’m ready to share out loud into the world!! Here goes…

A short trip into the Way Back Machine:

The year was 2020…and until March of that “special” year, I had an in-home professional organizing business helping people with their kitchens, closets, junk drawers, unpacked boxes, home offices, craft rooms, you name it! Then you know what happened (the world shut down)…so I pivoted to offering online paper-organizing workshops to my sheltering-in-place clients. 

And what we found there was so much more than simply paper organizing…it was…The Vortex!

I didn’t know that was its name at first, but I FELT its power almost immediately. The power of online body doubling, co-working…accountability on steroids.

So, in September I started stringing together a SERIES of these weekly workshops and charging a convenient monthly membership fee. It was COVID, so it was a great time (because we HAD TIME) to work through our paper clutter.

And, lo and behold, they came to my Zoom room! They came to the (then-called) Find FOCUS and Fight Distraction membership group. We blossomed not only in number but also in quality of experience (enhanced by a robust Facebook Messenger chat).

What bloomed out of a group of women scattered across the country (and one in Germany!) was nothing I’d ever seen coming…a sisterhood. A safe space to be a bit of a hot mess and get accountability and community support! Judgement free. (Something we really need!)

I’m simply agog that it’s been 4 years! The friendships made carry on even when they’re no longer members. I see them all on Facebook liking each others’ posts! That’s golden!!

What I’m unveiling at last:

Over the past several years, the membership has gone through a series of iterations from different meeting times to different workshop themes and various membership tiers…however, the core of it remains as was initially established:

The crown jewel is lots of time with others to get shizz DONE. I mean oodles and oodles.

When I describe this business model, people are usually floored and/or nonplussed. But when you are in the FOCUS Mentorship, you have twelve hours per week of available body doubling time. YES! It’s true!! Office hours for your FOCUS. (even if you are a 9-5er, it’s beneficial! we have several members who work in actual offices)

It’s all spelled out on my website, but before you click over there, let’s let the real cat out of the bag at last! Drum roll, please…it’s 100% time to spill the beans!!

After lots of deep thought and years of witnessing what this membership can do for the people that need it, I’ve decided to drop the price to a “no brainer” level. I don’t want the price to be the barrier if it could be valuable to you!

Previously, this membership has been as inexpensive at $88/month for my founding members, and as expensive as $188/month. That was appropriate for the past, but no longer rings true.

My team and I truly want to welcome you into the Vortex. To have you experience the magic of the Scurry. (at some point we nicknamed ourselves “The Scurry” since a group of squirrels is called well, a scurry…who knew?)

For sure we are a little nuts, so read on! The big reveal…

So, now, membership in the FOCUS mentorship is $48/month, and still offers as much or more time to Get. Shizz. Done. with an amazing scurry sisterhood! 

Yes, $48/month. 

I know you have questions. I would have questions, too! There’s loads of info on my website so click here

The biggest question might be, “Do I have to show up for the whole workshop start to finish? Some of them are 3 hours, right?” 

Answer: No, of course not. We come and go! We even have a term “Vortex adjacent” when someone can’t log on for whatever reason but they still draft on the group’s energy. Remember that FB messenger chat I mentioned? It’s key. (But you’d be shocked at how fast 3 hours can go by when you’re in the Vortex of FOCUS!!)

Got more questions? Please book a chat or reply to this blog

It’s my absolute pleasure to be able to extend this invitation to you, and I hope you are so ready to jump on board with us!

Ryan 🙂


My name is Ryan…

I love teaching people how to let go of the crazy and live a less stressful life. My book The CALM Method: A Guide to Ditch Last-Minute Living is full of guidance and tips for you, but the real magic is in our community. The Find FOCUS Membership is a great place to get more done alongside your peeps!!!

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