The scene in my kitchen right now…oh my!

Jun 18, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

June 18, 2024 – Just a quick little June check-in!

Current summer situation:

Summer at my house with two tall, hungry (and somewhat useless lol) young men aged 21 and 19 has featured a nonstop series of meat cooking, smoothie blending, and constant eating…with almost daily trips to the gym, of course! OH. MY. GOODNESS.  (yes, THEY are doing the cooking!)

And yes, they grocery shop AND clean up (mostly)! It’s wild.

We have been having a really good time together…and I treasure the fun times although I’m in total distraction mode. It’s just how it is. I can’t turn off “mom mode” when they’re around.

Early in August, things will settle down when they return to their respective universities…I will miss them! 

Secret plans and clever tricks:

While on hiatus from sending these weekly emails, I am scheming. It’s true!

I hit you with a “light teaser” in May so now, I share!

First of all…Digital Decluttering with Friends will have a different FOCUS in July…check it out below.

Permission granted to take a break from serious things like passwords, emails, and phone apps and instead bust out something FUN!! 

Photos? Kids’ artwork and school papers? Your own school memorabilia?

Or…this may sound crazy, but what about: doing a puzzle? Coloring??? Inventorying your books?? (or does that only sound fun to me??)

You deserve some fun this summer. Let’s do it together! Thursdays at noon Central like always!! #FOCUSonFUN

Brewing up an “offer you can’t refuse”:

It’s killing me to keep it inside, but you’ll need to wait until the newsletter starts up again in July! It’s soooo good.

Stay in touch by visiting in the CALM Collaborative Facebook group! Or over on Instagram @organizing4good

Enjoy some moments with those you love, today is all we for sure have!

Ryan 🙂


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