Do you ever feel like your brain is too full…

May 27, 2022 | Ryan's Blog


Well, normally on Tuesday mornings, I sit and finish up my email and get it sent out to you by 8am or so. Like clockwork…or so I thought.
But not this week!! (it was 10am as I type)
What happened?? 
Seriously, I do NOT know. It just slipped my mind. 
You’re thinking, “But Ryan!! You send out your email EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY!!”
I know!! Believe me, I know!!
Clearly, my brain is on overload.
So how did I remember?
Step 2 of the CALM Method: Arm your Alarms for the win!!!
I have an alarm in my phone that goes off EVERY TUESDAY at 9:02am that says: “is the email out?” (Thank GAWD!!)
Image item
So today, I heard the alarm go off at 9:02am, looked at my phone, and was like, “Yikes! No! It hasn’t!!”
What. The. Heck.
Image item
Yep, my alarms took care of Future Me. (Well, I guess Future Me is currently Now Me…but whatever…LOL)
So, yeah, Step 2 of the CALM Method works. Try it!! 
(BTW, Steps 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are great, too!)
All day, every day!!!
So, go have a great day!

Ryan 🙂


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