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May 22, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

May 22, 2024 – Hello! Whether it’s a form of micro-rebellion, my ADHD, my Kolbe MO 3393 (Quick Start) instinct, or just my fun-loving gotta-change-it-up self, I’m changing it up!

Current musings:

I’ve been MUSING on so many things lately, and what I keep circling back to is this: LESS IS MORE! TIME IS PRECIOUS! ENERGY IS FINITE! (sorry for all that shouting LOL)

So, I’ve decided to take a lil’ hiatus on sending out this email until after July 4th…I need to put my energy into some other ideas I have brewing. I want to make some current things better, and I need let other things go!

This is my year of saying to myself, “FOCUS on what you have energy and love for and set aside the rest right now!”

Therefore, taking a break from this particular use of my energy…for now.

Currently grateful for:

Surprising myself with the consistency and longevity of this email/blog! Yay me!! OMG I’m so cracking up at some of the titles as I was scrolling deep in the past my blog just now…and now I’m looking forward to going back and re-reading some of these! Go check ’em out!

“Alexa, play songs from Rage Against the Machine”
“Your Brain is Like a Salad Bar”
“Lava Lamps and Moms…
“Today: obsessed! Tomorrow…over it!”

Current offerings and events:

Keep tabs on my current goings on-→ here or on my website at any time!

A light teaser: in July, we will be doing something special in the FOCUS Mentorship Group!! Last year we did “Binder Bootcamp”…but I’ve got a new idea brewing for this July that I think you’ll absolutely LOVE!

*Digital Decluttering Workshop: our always free, always helpful Digital Decluttering Live with Friends in our CALM Collaborative Facebook Group is this Thursday, at the same time as always, 12p CDT! Do join us. (Register here)

Ryan 🙂


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