Crickets! Complete and utter silence…

Oct 26, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

I’ve been “accused” of being the Positivity Police. Andddddd I love that!

Last week I asked you, “What’s working well for you right now?” and uh-oh.

I got crickets. Utter silence!

Not one single response.

(Did you catch his epic “side eye”??)

Inspector Clouseau and I worry about you!! Is Overwhelma at your house? Darn her!!

Could it be that October is just so dang busy with all the October things? Or is it that Q4 is rolling fast and furious toward the close of 2022? (Eek!)

Or that the elections are coming and you haven’t been able to read all the literature yet? (me!)

Or that you’re trapped under something heavy and couldn’t type out a response?? (I sure hope not!)

Or, (and this is probably the closest to true), could it be that you thought I wanted some big, intensive description of your personal organizational systems?

Seriously?? Not even close.

Haven’t you met me by now?? I think you know me better than that!

I will clarify this instant what I was after. Because it’s soooooo important! It’s paramount. It’s the key to life, dare I say.

There is no win too small. There is no answer to “what’s working well?” that is too micro.

Did you wake up today, put your feet on the ground, and get up out of bed? That’s a win.

Did you open your email today and find just one tiny task to move on? That’s a win.

I have one of my absolute FAVORITE tricks to share with you today. It’s a perennial hit in my community. I literally make my Find FOCUS members do this over and over, especially when Overwhelma is on the scene:

How low can you set the bar so that you stub your toe as you achieve that win?

I want you to metaphorically trip over that bar so that you cannot help but get a win!! Do you hear me??

YOU HAVE TO CELEBRATE YOUR WINS, no matter how small!

Why, do you think, that Step 6 of the CALM Method is the “yay me moment”??? Because we don’t naturally celebrate ourselves. I wish we did, but we still can. It just takes a wee bit more effort.

So now I’m ready to revive the moment and pose the question to you, again, with zero judgement:

What’s working well for you right now??

Seriously, I can’t wait to hear from you!!

Lastly, it seems only fair to share what’s working well for ME right now, doesn’t it? Ok then, I will absolutely share!

What’s working well for me right now is (and this is not because I’m all “CALM Method girl” but), using my alarms! My alarms are working great for me. I have lots of regular alarms, but then I’ll dash off one on the fly so I can get my brain back to whatever else I need to do.

Easy systems. Micro wins. Let’s go, we can do this!!

I’m ready to be inspired by you and your wins! Reply here!

Ryan 🙂


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