When Monday strikes…

Apr 5, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

I apologize in advance for any bad puns in this email:) Ok, I lightly apologize.

(I considered a one-sentence email today, but I’m afraid I’d have to turn in my writer’s card if I did that!)

I know you love a good story, but I just flat out don’t have the energy. Here’s why!

When I sat down this morning to whip off this email to you, I opened my carry-on bag from my trip that ended yesterday, and was alarmed to reach into the “laptop slot” of the bag and find it completely empty. 

No laptop?  EEK.

Before panic set in, I got curious. (←-that’s a win!) 

I was 99.999% sure that there’s NO WAY it was stolen on my way home from Miami yesterday, so where was it??


I pulled it out yesterday in the dining room following a chaotic call from my son who’d just had a flat tire during Senior off-campus lunch.

“The flat tire that drained my day” we shall call it. 

The air was literally let out of my tires for my usual long-winded-yet-hopefully-amusing stories…so the drive-by version will have to suffice today.

Son calls with the bad news. Mom feels immediately deflated, but action was necessary! 

(So, in a way, I guess it’s “good” news that I so completely mishandled the handling of the flat tire situation because it’s been quite a long time since any of the cars have turned up with a flat…?!?)

Here goes:

#1. I perceived the situation as more dire and dangerous than it was (the car was NOT on a highly busy street as I’d pictured)

#2. I wasn’t logged in to my Allstate app (REALLY??) nor had location services turned on (GIRL!!)

#3. I KNEW the tire mobility kit was used up and hadn’t replaced it since the last flat(!!) so yeahhhhh

#4. We only have one key fob to that car because boys lose things and we tend to avoid replacing expensive things…(new info: a valet key isn’t a good substitute)



  • I’m now logged in to the Allstate app (and plan to get all the drivers in my house to as well!)
  • I bumped into 2 different good friends that I’d not seen in ages whilst trying to deal with this situation (which wasn’t prime catch-up-visiting time as you can imagine, but oh well, hugs are hugs!)
  • I took my son with me to drop of the ONLY key fob at the service place and made HIM do the talking to the guys at the front desk
  • Once I finally got home, having donated hours of my precious time to the situation, I proceeded to the couch, x-ed out anything else I was going to do that afternoon, and unapologetically read, read, read my current novel (John Irving’s A Widow for One Year)  

Sh*t happens occasionally (ok, pretty much every day).  

You put on a spare tire, as best as you can, in the moment.

You learn stuff.  Period. 

In spite of all that drama, I’m still curious if you took a little reflection time like I suggested in last week’s email?  It’s not too late! 

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