If National Ukulele Day (Feb 2nd) can be a holiday, then I have one for you!

Jan 30, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

January 30th, 2024 – As I write this, (on Jan 29th) it is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. I’m NOT KIDDING. Look it up on the national holiday calendar! It’s under the category of “weird.” Yes, weird for sure! We need a “National Holiday” for that?!?

There are countless holidays: traditional, invented, religious, pagan, silly, serious. And more being invented all the time.

Remember in school? Silly hat day, crazy sock day, favorite sports team jersey day, 80s day/Disco day, all the fun (except for the moms who had to pull all those costume pieces and parts together! Been there, done THAT too many times)

Holidays or silly celebration days like January 22nd’s “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day“, (I can’t make this stuff up) can break up a monotonous calendar and give us something to look forward to. It draws some fun energy and togetherness. Shared experiences. With your cat.

And because I don’t want to be left out, I have invented one, too!

I proclaim thusly and heretofore: the 1st Thursday of February shall be known asGoal-Grounding Day“!

I chose Groundhog’s Day, (Feb 2nd, also National Ukulele Day, who knew?), and decided that one month into the New Year is a great time to stop, breathe, and then seek to stake down those goals that have been swirling around in your head since New Year’s Day. These things take time! Any earlier in the year, it’s nearly impossible to know what your goals are, because you’d have spent time in December working on them. (HA! Remember December? No, no you don’t because of those energy-sucking things we call “the holidays!”)

Wax nostalgic on the “New Year energy” of early January…yes, it’s already waning!! Fickle as it is! So let’s GRAB IT and use “Goal-Grounding Day” to set us up for a meaningful rest of the 2024.

And what about your Word (or Phrase!) of the Year? It’s time. Declare it.

EEEKKKK! Whaaaat??!! Did perfectionism just kick in? Did you inadvertently invite that ol’ Overwhelma to show up at your door ready to distract you from choosing? And here comes Perfectionilla because she loves a party!

No worries. Here’s the plan: in order to help you follow through with choosing, I will remind you that you’re allowed to change your WOTY if need be! Make your own rules. It’s YOUR Word after all!

So…let’s throw caution to the wind and set down those goals, TOGETHER! Yeah, you saw that coming. We are better…together. It’s undeniable!

Won’t you join us to celebrate Goal-Grounding Day? It’s like doing a Dream Board but no scissors or glue needed. Or if that’s your jam, you do you!!

It’s all about having a set time on your calendar, the guidance, and that group energy of accountability! Let’s goal-ground together!!

PS This workshop celebration is free of charge, it will only cost you some time and focused energy. Deal?

Here’s the scoop:
This Thursday at 12p central time, we gather for a whopping 90 minutes! Yes!! We need (and deserve) that much time! First, I will “real talk” you, then Q&A, next is quiet work time, and finally we end with everyone in the class declaring one of their intended goals! Share or don’t share, no pressure either way!

Materials suggested/recommended:
– journals and your favorite pens
– your calendar (current and last year’s)
– sticky notes!! (required!!)
– a white board and pens (optional)
MOST IMPORTANT: an open and non-self judgmental heart! If you “only” set one goal, then that’s a win! And guess what? Less is more anyway! You’ll automatically get to FOCUS on it with all your attention!

Wouldn’t it feel AMAZING to have your goal(s) established? Even one or two?? We are going to rally around and get it done, as much as is possible for the moment you’re in.

We are going to send Overwhelma and Perfectionilla off to bother someone else because they are NOT WELCOME in Goal-Grounding Day!

(We can give them some bubble wrap to appreciate!)

Oh, yes! I want to get my goals grounded!!

Ryan 🙂


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