We need more cowbell!

Feb 20, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Feb 20th, 2024 – Two words: RAGING SUCCESS!!!!

This past weekend in Georgetown, Texas, Jenn Butler of House of Order Organizing and I co-hosted a weekend-long in-person Paper Organizing Retreat (POR) with four fun-loving and dedicated gals!

We layered on two 4-hr virtual POR sessions on Saturday, with a lunch break in between (several “hardcore” ladies attended BOTH)!! We had people tuning in from the East coast and as far west as ALASKA! Inspiring!

It was so much fun, and I actually mean that!! The time just flew by, as it always does when you’re working in community. (Don’t say it, Ryan…)


Laughter, LOTS of laughter, was heard throughout the weekend as they ditched LOADS of useless accumulated papers and gained CLARITY on what they had left.

They sorted! They tossed! They emptied boxes!

They fed the shredding bin! They started binders!

They found money! They found vital documents!!

Every accomplishment was celebrated with our special cowbell. We need more cowbell!! (←click!)

Seriously, I’ve never been more grateful for WAGONS! With that many boxes in tow, yeahhhhh. Essential! The other essential tool was the COFFEE MAKER! LOL.

I love being weird and hanging with other weirdos who know that ditching paper TOGETHER is FUN!

Click here for info on future events!

And a special mention goes to Sparky, our POR mascot!!!

Ryan 🙂


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