3 is my new favorite number

Jul 26, 2021 | Ryan's Blog

7/26/2021– 3 is my new favorite number. Why? It’s so do-able, accessible. It’s part of our vernacular: 1, 2, 3, GO! Or: rock, paper, scissors, go! You can never have a tie with 3, either.

It’s been in our focusing methodology since we were little and our mothers would sternly say, “I’m going to count to 3…1, 2…” (actually, if she’d said, I’m going to count down FROM 3, then that would have worked way better, but that’s another topic! -thanks the prefrontal cortex.)

Ready, set, go! That’s 3. There are 3 primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. 1st, second, third place, or person. What about good, better, best? And of course, reduce, reuse, recycle!

Hold that pose for 3 more breaths. It’s a number that’s substantial without being overbearing nor overwhelming. Why not consider a 3-3-3 focusing method: “bookend your day with gratitude, and take some action in the middle.” Start your day with 3 things to be grateful for, or that you’re looking forward to, or that just plain make you happy. Then write down the 3 things in your hot bucket, which means that if today passes by and you didn’t do these 3 things, it’s going to cause problems. We all have those! Then end your day with 3 “yay me!” moments of self-care to pump you up and be your own cheerleader.

How to up your success here: paper or digital? Or a combo? Definitely employ your favorite pen, favorite notebook, colors of notecards, sticky notes…you do you!

3 is a number that really works! I mean, just ask Matthew McConaughey…”all right, all right, all right!”

Ryan 🙂


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