A bucket of ice water on my head please!

Jun 29, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Goodbye, June, and hello, July!!

It’s been so hot here in Texas that we are spending as much time as possible pouring water on our heads to stay cool. We have to be mindful of our choice of activities (like try not to exercise outdoors when it’s in the upper 90s and even the 100s…UGH)!

Oh, yes, a hot summer it is!

Typically, July is not known as a month with much natural physical organizing energy.

It’s more about recharging. Relaxing.

Or just hiding inside because it’s super hot outside!!

But we don’t want to want to bliss away the whole month, do we?? (caveat: if you can, and choose to, then kudos to you and throw back an extra margarita for me!! Cheers!!)

However, (because I’m a just a little nuts), I am dedicated to offering you a little leg up this July because, if you so choose, you might get to hear yourself say this:

“Oh my gosh, y’all!! I got so much done in July!!!”

You might be asking, “How, Ryan, how??”

First of all, I know that so many of you struggle with overwhelming chaos wreaking havoc in your email inbox(es)…that you often miss important information and deadlines, and feel like a complete incompetent loser!!

And that was ME. All day, every day. In multiple email addresses.

But back in 2020, I started digging in. I was DETERMINED.

And slowly, with lots of help, LOTS and LOTS, I am now on top of my emails.

And it feels GREAT!!!!

Yes, it gets away from me as all things do, but I have a SYSTEM now and I can get it under control quickly.

Again, you ask, “How, Ryan, HOW?????”

I got you. I’m inviting you to…

Sign up here for free!

Give yourself these 4 weeks, one hour at a time, and see what can happen!! We will be live on Zoom Thursday at 11a CST in the CALM Collaborative, so there will be a replay available.

And I’d love a reply with what your current email status is…

Lots of CALM & love! OXO, Ryan:)
P.S. If you feel like spreading the love of my book, leaving a review would be AH-MAZE-ING and reaping good juju in the universe for you!!!

Ryan 🙂


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