“Alexa, play songs from Rage Against the Machine”

Oct 20, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

October 20, 2020 — Yesterday at about 5pm, I noticed a restless energy within myself. I felt IRRITATED. And super grumpy.

It was HOT and gross outside, especially for mid-October.

I’d been on too much Zoom that day, with one last evening meeting looming.

I was pacing, trying to process the day, trying to tie down the open tasks, but not seeing any success.

Then, my eyes gave me a hint as to my palpable irritation’s source: the kitchen was a MESS.

I had planned for the kids to pick up dinner for us, so there would be no cooking that evening.

So, I decided.

Right then.

Hair up.

“Alexa, set a timer for 9 minutes.”


Oh, yes.

What is it about timers? Instant accountability. Instant fuel in the tank!

Left hand wiping the counters, the right hand carrying dishes to the sink, music motivating me…a whirlwind of action!

9 minutes later, the dishwasher humming, counters gleaming, and sink clean and clear!!

Bonus: coffee pot already set up for the morning!!

You can’t beat that ROI, can you?

And how many times that evening did I feel joy upon passing through the kitchen?

YAY ME. Happy dance in the middle of the kitchen! Or a little head-banging if that’s your style:)

A simple, spur-of-the-moment “rage cleaning” was like medicine to my mood.

Sure, I “should’ve” gotten my more-than-capable boys to help…but I only invested 9 minutes, and got some bad vibes exorcised in the process! (news flash: it would not have been such a successful endeavor if I’d attempted to enlist my teenagers)


I chose to take down that kitchen and boost myself.

The timer and the music were my cheering section!

What can you “rage clean” right now? Your “to do” list? Is it a mess! I bet it’s full of “should do” and “could do” items.

Throw that overwhelm-inducer away!!

Well, first, start a new, SHORT list with 3 items that are “must do” items.

Do them.

Celebrate! Peanuts style…

Timers are your friends!

Friends are your friends!


Every single day, I am more and more invested in this concept of how accountability is KEY.

Where in your life are you spinning?

Put your hand out and grab on to a friend. A timer. Or both!

When you are successful at a task, you want to do more!

When you are off in space, continually wasting time and energy, guess what? You have inertia and without a lifeline…


Your tool.

It’s there for the having. You must pick it up.

Or, even cooler, put your hand out, Thor-style, and draw it to you!!!


I want that for you!!! And me, too. (I’m not that un-selfish LOL)

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Ryan 🙂


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