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Mar 12, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Hey, there, I’m Ryan Lanier, your self-appointed online cheerleader and coach who wants nothing more than to help you GET MORE DONE using the tools and accountability you can find right here! The world is constantly coming for your time and and energy and we won’t stand for it! So let’s get to it, eh?

Current musings:

I was talking out my weekly plans with my amazing virtual assistant and bestest buddy when I pictured something shocking-yet-not-shocking that shone a BRIGHT LIGHT on my struggles with getting stuff done. 

 (Vulnerable moment alert)

More often than I wish to admit, I feel like my head is spinning around Exorcist-style at any given time of the day, no matter WHAT I’m trying to do. I constantly stop doing something (even mid-task!) and start on something else. (even while yelling at myself to stay on task!) 

Then, like a bad dream, I pictured myself trying to play no fewer than twenty board games all at once: Sorry, Battleship, Checkers, Yahtzee, Chutes and Ladders, Uno, all of the classics! Rolling some dice here, moving a piece there, playing a card over there, then haphazardly looping back, never staying in one game long enough to CONCENTRATE.

O.M.G. WOW. That’s me every day.

What a showstopper of an a-ha moment!

So I said to myself, “How about trying to ‘play’ fewer simultaneous games, Ryan? Let’s see what can happen when you narrow your FOCUS down to fewer projects.”

I’m definitely on to something here and it feels exciting.

We all wear lots of “hats” as in, we have different roles to play. And each role has its own set of tasks and projects. Every time you put on a hat, you’re task-switching. 

And task-switching has been proven to be the biggest destroyer of productivity out there, seconded only by a crying baby! (No actual data on the baby thing other than my own personal experience…)

So try this, you have 2 buckets at any given time:

1. The NOW bucket (pick one to three “games”) and

2. The NOT NOW bucket (for all the other “games” that can and must wait!)

Then once a week, evaluate the NOW bucket and swap out “games” as necessary.

Reply here and let me know whatcha think:)

Current tool:


Sticky Notes are our friends!!

They’re plentiful. They’re disposable.  They’re fun! They’re colorful!


Do NOT underestimate the power of single sticky note.

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Current read:

Absolutely LOVING this this 1950s woman empowerment fiction novel! I’m sure I’ll like the show on AppleTV too, but right now I’m elbows-deep in the brilliant-tragic Elizabeth Zott’s plight. I have a feeling I’ll cry before its over…or when it’s over. Have you read it?? No spoilers:)

Current self care:

(Other than reading fiction…) I’m making time for friends! The older we get, the harder it seems to have friend time, but it’s no less important. Connect with a friend today, even just a text or a Facebook message and see how happy it makes you:)

Ryan 🙂


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