Be legendary like Joni and Tina!

Feb 6, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Feb 6th, 2024 – Did you watch the Grammys on Sunday night? I wouldn’t say I’m a big watcher of award shows, but my 24 YO son is a diehard for them, so we do virtual “watch parties” and I just LOVE spending that time with him. But sheesh, if ever there were a time I wished I lived on the West Coast, it would be for those 4+ hour long awards shows, yawn!!

These big awards shows bring out all the stars, the trends, the rebels, the up-and-comings, and always some unexpected moments. (Chris Rock will surely never agree to host another awards show again, I imagine!!)

My favorite awards show moments are always based around the “lifetime achievement” awards because they take time to honor the pioneers of the industry. In my eyes, the shows would be remiss to leave this type of segment out. No mountains are climbed without paths established in the wild.

This year, they posthumously honored Tina Turner, (RIP last May), and it was a glorious, sparkly and energetic tribute! What a warrior she was, and her legacy and musical influence endure, I’m so glad so see! (The dress that Milly Cyrus wore during her live performance of “Flowers” was a fabulous nod to Queen Tina!)

And then, in a chills-rendering performance, the 80 year-old folk music legend Joni Mitchell slayed everyone in the room and the millions watching from their living rooms! How was this only her FIRST performance for the Grammys?? Joni’s still got it…at age 80. Incredibly inspiring. I can’t wait to cue it back up and watch it again. Her five decades-long musical career is truly who she is and showcases all her gifts. Folk-rock on, Joni!

“Alexa, play songs by Joni Mitchell…”

The message here is, you never know what your gifts will do for someone in this life, so keep on keeping on, especially when you don’t FEEL like it. (Someone needs YOUR gift, FYI)

Lately I’m obsessed with this concept of “do it anyway…” especially when you don’t WANT to. It’s more than likely that you’ll never want to. 

Motivation is a fallacy. Yes, I said it! You’ll die a thousand deaths waiting for the motivation to do the things you don’t want to. That’s human nature.

And, crazily, the more arduous the task is on the Must Do list, the LESS we want to do it, have you noticed?? 

Well, I offer you comfort in the form of a tool.

You’re thinking, “Please, share, Ryan!” Ok, will do.

The antidote to lack of motivation, overwhelm, and procrastination is action

Overwhelm is a FEELING. Procrastination is the result of overwhelm.

ACTION is doing. Doing creates momentum.

So, ACTION is the answer. It’s clear. Plain and simple. (Reply here with the word “KOLBE” if you want info on how YOU naturally take action)

Oh, and remember the good news? Actually, the GREAT NEWS??

Even micro-action matters. 

How do you think trains get going?? Those things are not zero-to-sixty in a few seconds…I’m no engineer, but I have eyes! They slooowwwwwwly start moving those wheels on the tracks, and after that slow start, they gradually get incredible momentum and wow!! 

Progress is available to everyone. It does not discriminate. It doesn’t cost you anything but a little energy and time.

Then, the more progress you experience, the more energy you get back to throw into the stove for more firepower! Keep the train going!

Let’s gooooooo! Toot toot!!

Ryan 🙂


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