Buckle up, it’s May!

May 2, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Hello, May!! Welcome to the fray! The FRAY of MAY!!!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my schedule is being assaulted by multiple events, parties, end-of-year banquets, and the like! True, I do have a graduating senior (my BABY!), however, I think it’s the same for almost everyone this time of year. 

May is like “Spring’s December” in that there are presents to get, events to attend, year end tasks (school year), and planning for trips/vacations.

All at breakneck speed.

It. Is. So. Much.

More than ever, you have to be on top of your email and your calendars!! Dates, locations…it must all be on there to save you from being late and unprepared because you didn’t have the address or the dress code memo.

Yes, it’s so much! But you have no choice but to manage it, day by day, Evite by Evite!

PS And this is EXACTLY what the CALM Method was created for. Exactly WHY it was created. Because a cortisol-inducing chaos you weren’t expecting to have is just the worst! (Confirm those calendars!)

Remember that you’re NOT ALONE in this, not ever; we got you!!

So come JOIN US this Thursday (and every Thursday…) for guidance and group support…we’ll focus specifically on email (which dovetails perfectly with calendaring!) and help you breathe easier as May gets going.

I am, today and forevermore, wholeheartedly obsessed with helping you get more CALM around your email, calendar, to do list, all the things that are constantly changing and creating chaos for us when we least expect it. 

It won’t just “work itself out” unfortunately. Therefore, we must use our tools!

And, even better, lean on each other in a fun, accepting community!! (AKA my free Facebook group, The CALM Collaborative! Are you in there??)

Join us!

Click here to register for May the Fourth’s “Just Log In!” workshop: Return of the Email!!! (it’s free)

Ryan 🙂


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