Do you want to know a secret?

Aug 17, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

A sweet gif to make you stop and smile!

So, I have to let you in on a little secret.

These emails are not really for you.

They 100% are for ME!

Everything I tell you in these emails are all things that I’m actually telling to MYSELF. On repeat.

Reminders to re-lax, re-lease, and re-start, over and over, day after day!!

There’s so much going on that it’s imperative to stop and breathe. Just scroll back up to that sweet kitten curling under the lab’s paw to cuddle…it’s the little moments like that…

Now you know the truth: you’re 100% inside my head.

Hang on, it’s a wild ride in there!!

But we are better together, remember??

So, thanks for strapping in!

Last chance for a few things:
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Reply here with any questions or comments!!

PS Here’s what I’m listening to on Audible!

Ryan 🙂


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