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May 1, 2020 | #givewhereyoulive, Ryan's Blog

May 1, 2020 — Hello, May!

So when we were in the trenches of March and early April, it was as if May felt like a year away, didn’t it? Well, here we are and I am feeling a sense of accomplishment somehow. Personally, the month of April was pretty good, all things considered. I put out more blog posts in the last 6 weeks than I have in my whole life! I am so proud. #yayme I was on more Zoom calls than ever, too. Including zooming with family, who knew that would be a thing! And, I have spoken LIVE on the actual PHONE to more of my peeps than in recent history as well. I have done way more yoga, thanks to online classes, and gone on more walks. Not too shabby.

And let’s not overlook the joys of continuous sweatpants!

New things that happened include: reading a story to my nephew over FaceTime (I plan to do THAT more), meditating in my back yard, and my son actually USING our basketball goal!

And the big one: I have actually had one of my dreams come true. Something on my vision board is now a reality! I also learned that when a dream wants to come into reality, it does it in its own way, so you’d better be observant.

For almost 3 years now, I have wanted to start a YouTube channel or some vlog that highlights and educates everyone about the amazing things that non-profits and thrift stores are doing in Austin to serve many populations: some in deep economic straits, and others to keep items from the landfills. The idea was born the first time I walked into Austin Creative Reuse (which is the coolest crafting thrift store with a raving fan-following).

It was love at first sight when I noticed their OPEN/CLOSED sign was made of repurposed computer motherboards! I decided to instantly go on FB Live and was absolutely blown away by every aisle, the whole vibe, and the happy customers! All that stuff (yarn, beads, buttons, fabric, stampers, scrapbook paper, slides, old photos, games, knitting needles, pads of paper, file folders, frame, bins, crayons, office supplies, vintage craft books, and on and on) was DONATED and being sold to other people who wanted it! For CHEAP.

I clearly remember the very moment I noticed that most of the bins that held each category of goodies were made from a yard sign folded into a box! GENIUS. Way to repurpose trash and fill a need without having to purchase bins. It was brilliant. Picture all those political candidate signs getting a second life!

Then…are you ready? There was a whole bulk area where you paid $5 (or $2.50 on half-price day) to carry around a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with items for your next craft project. This is where all that scrap stuff would go in the trash, but here, on the loving shelves of ACR, could become your next creative afternoon or weekend. Or summer entertainment for your kids. For NOTHING, practically. (You’d break the bank at Michael’s for such good stuff)

My ABSOLUTE favorite: boxes of old trophies! (People bedazzle and do crazy stuff with those and make them into newly beloved objects)

And the six degrees of separation mind-blower for me was that I am FRIENDS with the President of the Board of Directors of ACR and I didn’t even know it until that day during my Facebook live! As I was mind-blowing my way around the store, she started talking to me and I was caught in a crazy time-space continuum flux since I hadn’t seen her in about 10 years, ha!

Well, I never started doing that YouTube Channel “Organizing4good out and about in ATX” but guess what?? This week I have begun to interview directors at area non-profits over Instagram Live (where we have the split-screen) and have them share all about their mission, how they have pivoted in the New Normal, and how WE can help support them as they fight to keep serving their communities.

THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUE, PEOPLE. My heart is exploding!

On Tuesday, I interviewed Marcus from Partnerships for Children and on Thursday, Candy from Dress For Success Austin. The beauty of what those non-profits do to lift others up from desperately difficult situations (exacerbated by COVID-19, of course) stops me in my tracks. So amazing.

Next week, I have lined up two more interviews: the Settlement Home for Children and ACR!! I will keep going to spread their mission to all as long as they are doing their good work, so buckle up! This vlogger is on her mission.

Let’s spread the goodness!

Cheers! –ryan:)

PS If you would like to follow me on IG, my handle is @organizing4good. Thanks for reading!

Ryan 🙂


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