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Oct 12, 2021 | Ryan's Blog

October 12, 2021 — I love Halloween. Well, let’s be honest: I just really love costuming up!

I have loved “dressing up” since my very early years of diving into my mother’s closet as often as I could to don her nightgowns, belts, jewelry, (clip-on earrings of course!) and, of course, her heels! And then as soon as I knew it was a thing, her make-up! Ohhhhhh the shimmery green eyeshadow….and her mink fur coat!! Yes, we are in the way back machine here!

Halloween was the ultimate permission to get dressed up in all the finery. I remember one year I was simply a “movie star” so I could wear all my favorites from her closet and then top it off with that mink coat! What a great mom to let me wander around the neighborhood in her prized possessions.

Oh, and the year I was the Statue of Liberty! Wow, did Helen Leary go the extra mile and help me make the coolest costume ever! Mind you, this was before the age of Party City where you can buy almost any costume you want. We MADE our costumes! No one BOUGHT costumes back then! All the store-bought ones resembled a rubbery plastic bag with poorly thought out characters on them. They were detestable!

I remember attending a toga party in college: more opportunity for dressing up! All you needed was a sheet and a belt, luckily. So much fun. And, I’m horrified to admit this, but I remember a Halloween in college when I dressed up as, (ugh, here it comes…) a pregnant nun. (And I was CATHOLIC back then!!!!)

Anyway, I drone on about Halloween for a reason, y’all!

Have you checked the date? It’s Oct 12th, if you are reading this on the day I post it. There’s no getting around that it’s mid-October…Halloween is very soon! Is getting a costume on your list? Is it an #energyleak that you haven’t thought about it yet? Do you HATE that last-minute action of throwing together something that doesn’t really satisfy the effort? Do you find yourself wandering around Party City or the pop-up Halloween store on the 31st?? And then spending upwards of $100 on some cheap plastic props you will never use again, if they even last through the evening?

Do yourself a favor: check in on the costume situation. Are you dressing up? Do you have family members that will too? Do you coordinate your costumes in a theme? I always am impressed with themed costumes! That takes planning!

Do people EXPECT you to dress up because in previous years you really went all out? Are you “over it” now yet feel that you’ll disappoint your fans by simply wearing a t-shirt that says “This is my costume”?? You do you, sis. If you are into it, then by all means, go for it, but make a plan!!!

But if you’re not, make that choice and own it. IT’S OKAY!!

Do what you have time and energy for. If it doesn’t bring joy, then listen to the wise words of Elsa! As in, let it go!! Even if for one year you just need a break. It’s important to read your own energy (because it’s a precious and finite resource, remember??)

So I give you this week’s #energyleaksbegone challenge: think about Halloween! Will you dress up? Will you have guests? Will you have trick or treaters? What supplies will you need?

If you can avoid even some of that last-minute wandering around in stores spending money you don’t have and draining your energy again, (even though last year you SWORE next year would be different…) you deserve that! So take an action, start a list, create some events on your Google calendar. Whatever your favorite type of list-making activity is, then do that one!!

And now is the time if we are going to keep Overwhelma away. Or Cruella LOL

And thank yourself for being awesome! 🙂 YOU SO ARE!!!!

Thanks for reading. Don’t eat too much candy.

Ryan 🙂


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