Family time infusion!

Jul 18, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Greetings from beautiful British Columbia, Canada!!

Family time: it’s so important. I always feel better when I get a “Family Infusion” and this past week has been all about that! I’ve visited with my whole “birth family” for the first time since well before Covid!! My mum (that’s how they say it in Canada), stepdad, both brothers, my sister, and I met a new one: my precious little niece who just turned two!!

I’ll be headed home tomorrow with a filled heart! (and hoping for smoother traveling…fingers crossed…)

I’m encouraging you to send a quick text or call up one of your loved ones. Family is precious (and difficult, I know)!!  Just do it! 🙂

I’m seriously obsessed with how Binder Bootcamp keeps getting better and better…I can’t believe we are down to the last session for July…whaaatt???

Read some inspiring words from an attendee:

“I’m feeling accomplished today, I reviewed and updated my Financial Binder and have a list of items for me to look at during next ‘Boonder’ time on Friday. Have a great day y’all ♥️”

– Theresa M  (affiliate link)

Worry not! You can still join us for Session 3 of “Boonder” Bootcamp! Click on that link below…

Check out the link here!

I know what you’re thinking! “Ryan, can I really make any progress?? How long is it?? Will it make a dent?? How much is it? Then what??”

You have questions, I know. So, join us this Thursday at noon CST for another Bootcamp Q&A in the CALM Collaborative! (the past Q&A’s are there to watch anytime, pinned to the top as “featured”)

And/or reply here with all your questions! Can’t wait!!

Ryan 🙂


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