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Jun 17, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

June 17, 2020 — Life is precious. 100%. 100% of the time. Even when we aren’t front-of-mind focused on it, it still is. How can we keep that mindset of appreciating the little moments? Gratitude for small things. Letting go of things that only bring us down. Addressing the things that weigh on our hearts. Simply barging past the gates at security to chase down someone we love and didn’t get to tell them something like in all my fave rom-com movies.

Not wasting precious energy on shit that does NOT matter. Allowing others to be themselves. Using your resources to enhance your community. Learning how much Black Lives do Matter. Honoring and nurturing relationships.

As I sat down this morning to drink my coffee, write in my journal, and focus on starting my day with introspection time, for some reason I opened Gmail first (I don’t usually do that). News I’d been fearfully wondering about was there. I have a dear friend who is gravely ill and there was an update from her family. I am shaken.


Moments are what make up life. If you seek to notice and then SAVOR the tiniest, sweetest little things, then you can stoke your gratitude and strengthen your appreciation for this gift of life. Birds singing their secret messages to each other in song high in the trees. Stroking your pet and feeling their breath in happy sighs. Observing your children interact as they build their sibling relationship that has nothing to do with you. The crunch of a grape or the sweetness of a garden-grown tomato. The smell of fresh, clean laundry and the warmth of folding a towel straight from the dryer. Reaching into your jacket pocket and touching your favorite lip balm that had been hiding from you for a bit. These moments.

Dishes in the sink and a dirty floor? NOT important. Checking in with a friend or family member about how they are? VERY important.

A zillion emails in your inbox? NOT important. Following up on a particular email that makes you scared yet proud because you have BHAGs* to accomplish in this life? VERY VERY important. (*big hairy audacious goals)

What about getting over your pride and addressing something that doesn’t serve you? I wrote about this back in March, I think. If some relationship is stuck, and you want it to be better, don’t sit and wait. Do something. Be proactive and try. Without attachment to the outcome. Let go of what you think will happen and put love first.

The world will conspire against you the second you stop reading this. It seeks to put your attention on stuff that does not matter. I just yelled at my kid for oversleeping. Does it REALLY matter? I woke up my other kid in the process. Case in point.


Put LOVE first.

Ryan 🙂


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