“FFF July” is on deck!

Jul 12, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Well, I made it through the “Fray of May” with all the graduating high school senior stuff, then I faced the “Gloom of June” stemming from losing my brother…and now it’s July…what rhymes with “freight train”?!?

Whatever it’s called, July feels like “fast and furious fun!” So that is what we’ll call it. “Fast and Furious Fun July” even though that doesn’t rhyme. 

Which means it’s pretty on target.

Am I exaggerating? I think not!

So far this month (yes, THIS MONTH):

  • I’ve been on a quick and fun “staycation” in downtown Austin over the long weekend leading up to 4th of July. 
  • One day later, we went to the super fun 50th anniversary of Willie and Family’s Picnic (music festival and fireworks). 
  • Two days later, we all left for Pittsburgh to get to know the city where our youngest will attend college in a few short weeks.
  • And then, if you’re reading this on the day it comes out (7/11), I’m on my way to British Columbia, Canada, to visit my birth mum and family for the first time since BEFORE COVID!! I’ll get to meet my new precious niece, Maeva, for the first time.

“FFF July” is on steroids! 

All of those things are fabulous! All of those things are fun!

AND, all of those things are serious schedule and routine disruptors, wouldn’t you agree?

All the juggling. Swimming upstream, feeling out of rhythm. “If I only had time for that project I said I was going to do in July…” and “OMG my house is a disaster zone…” Blah, blah, blah.

Honestly, there’s no need (or time!) for that negativity. 

SIMPLICITY is the answer.

When the time container is small, you have more chance to be successful and get those wins!

One quick example of seeing the choice of space instead of overwhelm came to me on the plane. I’d finished my current book before we even took off from Pittsburgh. (There’d been bad weather in Baltimore, so we were grounded for close to an hour. I know!) I was losing charge on my phone so listening to my current audiobook was not a choice. 

What did I do? I cleaned up my text messages! A little mini-digital decluttering was a brain boost! I was ruthless. It felt GREAT.

By deleting all the junk, I found several people that I’d meant to continue the conversation with, so now it’s clearer.

There are MANY people in there that sent lovely, caring messages during the gloom of June following the loss of my brother on May 31st.

I feel empowered to be able to pick up those threads!

Plus, I’m definitely packing an extra book on this long trip to Canada! I might even buy a magazine! What??? I know! (PS they don’t have magazines on airplanes anymore!) 

(At the risk of sounding really old, I was telling my kids that I remember when they still allowed SMOKING on planes, yeccchhhhhh!!)

PS we do lots of free digital decluttering in the CALM Collaborative

So my message is, enjoy your July! Whatever its theme is!! I’d love to know so reply here!

Binder Bootcamp got off to a GREAT start last Friday, wow!!

And we’ve already coined a fun term: “Boonders!” 

It stemmed from my repeated inability to say “Binder Bootcamp” without smushing it into “Boonder Bootcamp” LOL!!! (Join us Thursday at noon CST for BBC Boonder Q&A in the CALM Collaborative!)

So, what’s a “boonder” you wonder? It’s a “binder-in-progress” that needs some dedicated time in a supportive community to get progress made on it. (Some “boonders” are still unopened in the box!) 

Let me guess: you might have a few “boonders” lurking around? 

Guess what? You can still join us for Sessions 2 & 3 of “Boonder” Bootcamp (LOL) or save the date for a Fall Binderpalooza! Having your papers organized = INFINITE PEACE!! 

Check out the links here!

Ryan 🙂


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