Jul 20, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Greetings, all!
As I sit down to write this email, my first inclination is to gush and gush about how awesome the past 2 weeks of the free series Surf Your Way to Inbox CALM has gone, and that this Thursday will be Week 3 of 4…BUT…I can already hear you thinking these exact words:  “I’m so behind!!” Stop. Just STOP that. Please! I know it’s your natural gut reaction to feel behind, feel that FOMO, and then start beating yourself up…why can’t I just “get it together”??? I do that too, but guess what? It doesn’t help one teeny tiny iota.  So, what DOES help??  Jumping where we are and just being in the moment. Soak in the energy of progress…of togetherness with your people. And of that magical accountability! Do you HEAR me??
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And, guess what, guess what??? In my Kolbe™ consultant training, I’ve learned even MORE about how you (we!) operate, BWAHAHA!!!!! Yes, it’s true!!! I know that all you “initiating fact-finders” out there want to dig up alllllll the details and might have difficulty just trusting that and Karen and I will give you what you need!  And what about you “initiating follow through” types?? You have your OWN systems, thank you very much, and you are NOT interested in hearing about this oh-so-exciting Stack Method. (but I bet you’re curious!) I also know that you “reacting quick starts” are NOT AT ALL comfortable just jumping in…you are rightfully cautious.   
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 What does all that “Kolbe-speak” mean?? You (we!) are all amazing in every way because we are all trying!! Each and every day, we are creeping forward, even when life tosses us up and around like a spineless rag doll! So, all that being said, we would absolutely love to see you this Thursday and next for our Surf Your Way to Inbox CALM series, either live on Zoom or live in our FB group, or commenting in the replay. Just show up! We are all in this together:) 
And as for getting into this fun Kolbe™ thing so you can learn how you naturally take action and problem solve, please reply here and say “I want to find out my Kolbe M.O!” We will send you some instructions and a payment link ($55) and then lickety-splickety we will send out your special link to take your Kolbe™ A index!  (And then you get a free* 30-minute interpretation with me!). You will get that booking link in your email. *free for now (I will start charging for these interpretations sometime in August, so BOOK yours!!) 

Ryan 🙂


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