He-Man was wise before his time!

Apr 18, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

By the Power of GreySkull, my rising Junior at Purdue U has an apartment!!!

OMG was that stressful! My professional procrastinator son who “never” needs anyone’s help until it’s a goddawful crisis finally has a place to live when he leaves dorm life after 2 years.  

No, the 20-year old did NOT handle it on his own. How much do I wish he had? LOTS. But time ran out; the deadline monster loomed! And got fiercer with each passing day.  

I really hope the place he got is good (or simply good enough), because it was the only one he looked at and applied for! There was no time for “shopping around” lemme tell you! And the application process was a special kind of experience that brought even more heart-palpitating stress. All kinds of documents to prove you’re not a thief, a serial killer, nor a deadbeat. And documents to prove that we parents will foot the bill if needed. Only doing a refi can compare to this level of documentation by colonoscopy!

#wayback in 1994, when 24-year old me moved to Austin, TX, from Raleigh, NC, how in the world did I find myself an apartment lacking rental and job history, do all the paperwork, turn on utilities, AND move in, all by myself?? Wonders never cease! 

Seriously, doesn’t it seem like everything is supercharged stressful right now? And like Overwhelma is having a field day??

Sending this email out on the US tax deadline day seems wildly appropriate. Doing one’s taxes is Overwhelma’s favorite day! Actually, it’s all the chaotic days leading up to it, actually. It’s like her birthday!! She is in celebration mode when we are up to our ears in stress.  

How many presents did you feed to Overwhelma this year? If you were 24/7 sweating it out over the weekend and even into Monday, poring over W-2s, 1099s, and 1040s, then you certainly added new levels of glittery fun to her party!

WHY OH WHY do we leave stuff ‘til the last minute?? We talked about “just START it” last week, which I hope was somewhat helpful. A there’s also a jam-packed but short book out there on “how to ditch last-minute living.”

Positivity police moment here: it’s all about those LESSONS that we learn after we come through fire! What did you learn this year that might serve you to do it a little better next year? Write it down! Send yourself an email! Send ME an email!! Whatever it takes to process it, now, while it’s fresh.

I’ll absolutely be writing down MY “post-apartment hunting chaos” lessons…you know I’m walking the walk!!

No matter how your most recent wildly chaotic (or debilitatingly overwhelming) life event/bad day went for you, I’m so dang proud of you. I really am.

You made it through! (Step 6 is Celebrate!!) Tell me all about it here 🙂 

Check out my oh-so-useful book The CALM Method: A Guide to Ditch Last-Minute Living!

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MEGA GRATITUDE MOMENT: a whopping 74% open rate!!!!


 My heartfelt thanks for all the “opens” last week!! 74%!! Unheard of!! Every week you consistently encourage me by taking some of your precious time to open my email. Whether you actually read it, I’m not entirely sure of, lol, but several of you kind folks often reply and that is just gold to me!! 

Beaming 🙂

(Next week’s email will come to you from San Juan, Puerto Rico!)

Ryan 🙂


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