Hey, it’s NOW-vember. SO grab it by the gourds!

Nov 10, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

November 10, 2020 — Now-vember. If people can invent “Mow-vember”, then I’m coining “Now-vember”!

I’m not really a big tv watcher. But I’ve certainly watched more tv news in the past 7 days than I have in 7 months.

Sitting here today and reflecting upon last week, I wonder how we made it.

Sitting here today and reflecting upon this entire year, I wonder and stand in AWE of how we’ve made it this far.

There are 7 weeks left of this…how shall we call it?, the-YEAR-that-shall-not-be named? But being made aware of the problems is not all bad.

Honestly, this year, as we all know, feel, recognize, and are entrenched in, has not been without important lessons and even some merits.

I have had many “uncomfortable” conversations that have shown me how I haven’t been doing my very best for the fair treatment of all humans. I love learning how I can do better, NOW.

I often say to myself and others: TODAY is what’s important! Stop waiting for something, pinning hope on some magic future moment. Stop longing for something that’s already in the past. You’ll miss out, over and over.

We have NOW. Now is good. Now is NOW.

Whatcha gonna do with NOW?

We wake up, day after day, and don’t truly and deeply appreciate it for what it is…many days it’s harder, but that makes it even more important!

Let’s wake up every day, and say, TODAY IS THE DAY!


Make NOW count!

The present is a gift, and as cheesy as that sounds, it’s the truth, and if you miss it, that’s on you.

What will you do today that makes you excited for TODAY?

And even more importantly, to what will you say, “NOT doing THAT today!”? Letting go of shizz that hurts, brings you down, TEARS YOU DOWN must stop, but YOU must stop. REFUSE. Protect yourself. Walk away from it, or them.

Listen to your heart, your gut, your body, your mind…there are so many messages!!! And they all want the best for you, but if you do not listen, then you are a fool.

You are your own expert. No one has more “inside info” on you than you. But sometimes we forget to listen. None of your ideas are your own, but you can act on things with your own intuition.

What can you shed?
What can you celebrate?

Are you alone in this? NO. We are ALL right here in it, too. And TOGETHER we are so much stronger.

Community is KEY!

Now-vember will set you on a path for 2021. December will slip by in typical fashion, pandemic or not, altered of course, but still full of holiday chaos.

So, set your feet down right NOW and decide what January 2021 will be for you.

If it scares you to think about going it alone, DON’T!! I have an AMAZING community right here for YOU!! It’s my fun, positive, “we-got-you” type of FB Group: the CALM Collaborative, so join us and draw strength and energy from each other in our safe container of awesome supportive ladies.

So scroll up and re-read the title of this blog post…how’s THAT for a call to action?!?

Ryan 🙂


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