How could I do that to you?

Jul 13, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Last week I did something I don’t normally do.

I sent you two different emails about two different topics. And it was, I’m horrified to say it…OVERWHELMING for you.

I confused you, and that is the exact opposite of what I’m trying to do for you.

But I was so excited about both of them, so yeahhhh. I’m really sorry for throwing too many shiny objects at you!!!

I’m 100% NOT sorry that I shared them with you, but my sequence was not ideal. Always reply to this email and ask questions! We are here for you.

Regardless, it was fantastic how many of you showed up and enjoyed the offerings!!

To review, here’s what we had going on: (and you can absolutely still get in on all of it!!)

  1. The free 4-week class: Surf Your Way to Inbox CALM
  2. New offering: Learn all about the Kolbe™ System

(These are drastically different, but equally awesome!)

You can join us every Thursday in July to Surf Your Way to Inbox CALM. I recommend going to to watch the free videos there, since that is the method we are going to dive into hard and help you get some systems into that email chaos.

And as for getting into this fun Kolbe™ thing so you can learn how you naturally take action and problem solve, please reply here and say “I want to find out my Kolbe M.O!” We will send you some instructions and a payment link ($55) and then lickety-splickety we will send out your special link to take your Kolbe™ A index! (And then you get a free 30-minute interpretation with me!). You will get that booking link in your email.

Hugs, y’all!!

Well, you can always count on me to confuse and amuse!!

Ryan 🙂


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