I bet you’re WINNING 2023 already!

Mar 29, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Here comes April!
(P.S. I know I constantly talk about the calendar and months passing, but I have method to my madness, I promise!)

Just a quick aside: if you’ve never read or listened to the memoir Love, Lucy (and narrated by her daughter Lucie Arnaz…) put it on your list. NOW. So good.

Back to the topic du jour.
As we look at the calendar and see that it’s the last week of March AND the last week of the first quarter of 2023…what’s popping up for you?

I REALLY want you to take a few minutes to reflect on these first 3 months of the year.
* What went well? let’s celebrate those wins (think: “win-splosion”!!!)
* What projects or tasks remain undone that have a deadline? make a sticky note for each of those and keep them in plain sight this week
* What projects or tasks can be deferred (or even deleted)? we only have so much bandwidth and when we saddle ourselves with endless “to do” items it drains us

Now, take a few minutes to look forward to the next 3 months (leading up to summer):
* What big events, trips or huge projects are on deck? plan for those disruptions of rhythm and cadence so they have less chance of derailing you
* What type of seasonal energy will this quarter bring for you? Spring is here! Graduations are coming!
*What are you doing this summer? Now is the time to decide and book stuff.

I guarantee that if you spend some time thinking back followed by some thinking forward, it will do you a real service!

Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be anything overly formal, just open the calendar and/or whatever planner you use, and something to write in. Along with my Google calendar, I’ve fallen in love with my bullet journal. A match made in heaven.

Still don’t know how to proceed? There are a million YouTubers who can walk you through such a process if you’re intimidated or unsure.

Or follow the basic steps I’ve already outlined above.
You can do this!

Where the rubber meets the road:

WHEN will you do this? Can you gift yourself 30 or so minutes this
week or over the weekend? It will be even more fun if you take
yourself to a park or a coffee shop! Self-care: check!

Reply HERE and say, “Yes, Ryan, I’ll do it!”
Or post your intentions in our Facebook Group (accountability is key!)

Who doesn’t love a Corgi?? Happy Spring!

Ryan 🙂


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