I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Taco Tuesday on Cinco de Mayo than with #GivingTuesdayNow

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May 5, 2020 — Hola! Do you know something that I love to see? When a person out in the world sees that there’s a problem or a need, and then they TAKE ACTION. It is my favorite type of news or story to read about. As a feeler, I get all the warm fuzzies!

Unfortunately, more often than not, people just take the “collective griping” method instead of zeroing in on an issue and then DOING something about it. I bet you’ve heard that saying: “if you’re going to identify a problem by complaining, then you just signed yourself up for creating the solution!” Oh it would be AMAZING if there was a magic spell that actually made that true. The number of problems solved would skyrocket to meet the number of complainers. I wish…but hey, I assure you I will always circle around to the positive in this blog!

Guess what? Today is #GivingTuesdayNow which is “a global day of unity as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19” (from givingtuesday.org)

In the media right now (in an among all the CRAP, of course) I absolutely love seeing evidence of fundraisers in action! Remember telethons?? I hated how they would TAKE OVER my favorite TV station every so often. Borrrringgg! But, looking back, that was a pretty viable way to raise money for a cause.

Here’s an easy one for you to celebrate and participate in tonight: the Modelo beer company will donate $1 to #FirstRespondersFirst when you post your toast today for Cinco de Mayo if you hashtag #cincup (I can’t think of an easier fundraiser…woot! Salud!) So let’s help them max out their offer of up to $500K!!

How about this one? Many people have been decluttering while in quarantine but are limited on the ability to donate the cast-offs right now. Here you go with a genius solution to this problem, created by a woman named Monika Wiela who saw the need and created www.givebackbox.com (she actually started back in 2012! what forethought)

As a business owner of an online shoe store, one day she walked past a homeless man with a sign saying, “I need shoes.” She then did some research and was shocked and horrified at how much clothing and household items ended up in the landfills. Inspired, she then devised a plan to help make use of empty cardboard boxes for donating to local charities’ thrift stores. She has partnered with many large corporations to increase the success of the program by getting them to help foot the shipping costs. It’s a great concept! Way to make a difference, Monika!

Right now you, yes, you…can print out a postage-paid label and choose the general charity category like children, animals, homeless, women, people with disabilities. I’d bet the farm that you have at LEAST one box, and AT LEAST enough donations (gently used, please!) to fill it right now in your home. Get it out of your home and into the beautiful ecosystem of #secondhand and #thriftstores. I know we are not thrift-shopping right now, but we will be!!

You could check out thrift ecommerce sites like ThredUp and ShopGoodwill, did you know that?

So raise a glass of anything this evening and I will toast and box up things right along with you.

We are stronger and better together, y’all!

Salud! –ryan:)

PS Thank you, as always, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your precious time with me to read this blog.

Ryan 🙂


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