I’ll take “DONE” over “perfect”, please

Jul 28, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

July 27, 2020 — Well, well, well…here we are looking at the tail end of July: July 2020, it’s important to point out. I’m not sad at all to see this “summer” coming to a close. In my house, we have been in perpetual Spring Break->Summer AKA Lord of the Flies mode since mid-March. We aren’t proud of it, but give us a break: it’s our first pandemic, ok?

But ohhhhhhh, let’s go, new “school” year!! Whatever it is, whatever form it takes, there will be an unavoidable “fall energy” and I’m all in for it. Every single year before this, no matter what, has brought a welcome Fresh Start Energy and I truly believe that this year (albeit a weirdly crazy and hopefully never to be repeated year) will also bring some form of fresh start. It’s inevitable.

And, people: I CAN’T WAIT.

Some things, like pandemics, are simply stronger than you can manage, so you do your “darndest” because that’s what you do. If you don’t even try, then it’s a no-go.

But when there’s naturally good energy to be had, you’d better grab onto it!

I actually sat down to write this blog post about getting my family photo done this weekend. Can I get a big ol’ round of applause?? That is no simple feat.

Leading up to it, I was pretty “stee-ressed” about how it was going to come together: what to wear? how to pose? what about the weather? do we meet the photographer somewhere? do we do it at home? will the boys get up, shower and not look like zombies??

Let’s go back in time a little bit: when I received an email a month ago that a photographer we had used in the past would be in town, I jumped on the chance to have those rare yet priceless family photos shot! She made it so easy for me: “here’s the date and does that work for you?”

Yes, yes it does!! (I’ll totally work out the hundred details related to the actual event in due time…that’s how I roll)

Book it, lady!

I put it on the Google calendar, tagged the family members, then pretty much forgot about it.


Fortunately, after many years of fails and stressing, I now have a habit of plannng out my week on Sundays. (Thanks, Lisa Woodruff and Sunday Basket)

This habit is such a gift to myself. But it’s NOT PERFECT.

So, the Sunday before the shoot…there it was, “Family Photo this coming weekend” on my to-do list.


We didn’t get “Easter dressed” this year, (see above: pandemic) so who knows what clothes they even HAVE that aren’t PJs or sports shorts? Do they even own a single shirt? Considering how infrequently they don one, I was stumped.

Oh, and throw in “15 year-old needs to pack for going away to a week of camp” on the list, too!!

Well, Academy Sports store to the rescue. I grabbed some coordinating polos and “dressy” shorts and hoped for the best.

Here’s the result…not too shabby for “done” eh?

Oh, my heart (times 3!)

Perfect isn’t even in the running anymore, if you ask me.

So, beyond all expectations, the Lanier family has professional family photos from 2020.


Proud mama.

Ryan 🙂


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