Is there too much “talking” right now?

Jan 2, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Happy New Year!! 2024 is here!!!

Jan. 2, 2024 – Well hello, 2024, here you are! Welcome!!

I sure hope you had a great holiday and weren’t too sick…it sure seems like the viruses are swirling around like crazy!! 

PSA: load up on Zinc, vitamin C and wash your hands, people!!

But seriously, is there a barrage of emails assaulting your inbox with New Year challenges, organizing checklists, program offers, planning sessions, and goals-setting offers? And a boatload of those pesky “buy this amazing product” emails, too?

UGGHHHHH. Mine, too! It’s exhausting!

I see the irony here of my sending you a weekly email, LOL, but I truly seek to NEVER litter your inbox with another of what I call an “energy leak.” Because you know who LOVES energy leaks? 

Yep, Ms. Overwhelma feeds off them 24/7. They are her bon bons!

Real talk, I have a sneaking suspicion you are already feeling “behind” in 2024, and it’s only January 2nd.

Are any of these ringing a bell?

  • the holiday decorations are still out (well, they might be down, but they are not put away)
  • the gifts you got are in a stack in your room, untouched since you opened them
  • the party leftovers and “guest food” are still in the fridge and pantry, calling your name
  • the mail from December that you put off is still in a pile, (including several holiday cards you haven’t even opened yet)
  • the list goes on…

I get it, truly. I really do! (How do you think I came up with those examples, eh??)

All of these things are talking to you! It’s a perceived pressure and it’s makes you feel like you’re failing.

Guess what?? I promise you are not failing. Say no to Overwhelma and “perceived pressure” RIGHT NOW!

So what are we going to do??

We’re going to take a little action. 

Today, or tomorrow, or maybe it has to wait until this weekend…pick up a little.

Just a little. Set that bar low so you stub your toe on it as you make progress!

Let’s take little time (even 5 minutes!) to clear the decks.

Say it with me: “I’m going to boss up and clear the decks for just 5 minutes!

And I mean just you, boss.

WARNING: do NOT try to “rally the troops” to help right now, (as much as they contributed to the mess, I know!), but this is not the time for that. (and come on, does that ever work?? LOL)

This “clear the decks” is not for them. It’s for YOU.

And when I say 5 minutes, I mean 5 minutes.


Take a look around and make a list on a sticky note of the things that are speaking the loudest saying garbage like: “You are a loser because this item is still lying around weeks later!”

If (when!) that list gets too long, stop. (I see you!)

Now grab another sticky note, write “clear the decks” and then transfer the most annoying 3-5 items to the fresh new sticky note.

(Less is more, remember? Set that bar looooooow.)

Next, set a timer, (or ask Alexa), for 5 minutes, then turn on a song that pumps you up, and go!

Say “buh-bye” to a few of those “I’m a loser” energy leaks in a short-yet-impactful 5 minutes!!

Please email me and tell me! I live for your #yayme moments! Reminder: any win is still a win!! #microwins

January is “Clean Up Your Computer” month!! (I really don’t know who decides these things, but the internet said so)

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You deserve it! (you can even do your 5 minutes of “clearing the decks” hey hey!!)

Ryan 🙂


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