Is your wallet bursting at the seams?

Feb 15, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

In keeping with my theme for 2023 (“edit and evaluate”), I have been on a decluttering kick…omg it’s going great. I’ve been posting on my Instagram. It’s intoxicating, I’m telling you!

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t organize clutter”? 

What does that actually mean?

It means that an organized space works because there is not too much in there. It allows room to easily access the items. It’s not a matter of size; it’s absolutely about the physical limitations of space. 

No matter what space!

I will take the saying one step further: “you can’t MANAGE clutter” either!! That’s a fool’s errand and a huge waste of precious time and energy.

Think of your purse or backpack. I mean it, right now. Picture it!

Is it full of randomly accumulated items making every trip in there take way longer than it should? I find that I after a week or two, I have unknowingly put no fewer than 5, often approaching 10, lipsticks and lip balms in the lip stuff pocket” of my purse. (I’m clearly worried about dry lips!) 

But 5-10? Really, Ryan? When I reach my hand in there and it sounds like a bag of poker chips, then I know it’s time to declutter!

Or consider just your wallet: is it overstuffed with receipts, cards you don’t use, and (probably expired) coupons? Then it’s causing you stress every time you open it! If it’s a game of shuffle and stuff when you need your driver’s license, you are adding unwanted strain.

The good news is that in less than 5 minutes, you could reduce your wallet clutter volume. (Caveat: not when you’re in line for TSA!) How about when you get to your gate and have a few minutes waiting for your plane?? There are ample trash cans in every airport!! Rip it up if you’re worried about the information on there. Or put all the trash and castoffs in a separate baggie to dispose of at home.

It’s the little actions that add up to big payoffs!! Right, Sue Sylvester?

Decluttering also pays dividends when applied to your digital life (AKA email) and overpacked schedule!  Right?? You KNOW THIS!!!

I’ve overwhelmed you, most likely, but I’m not sorry! I want you to chip away at the constant accumulation of physical and digital clutter. But I’m not throwing you to the wolves and saying, “Good luck with that!”

I’m INVITING you to tackle all this overwhelm with my beautiful, wonderful, amazing group of gals in my Find FOCUS Membership where we connect virtually and get shizz done every week. We are…let’s all say it together…better together!!

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Ryan 🙂


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