It’s ADHD Awareness month.

Oct 12, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Tigger wants to tell you right NOW: October is ADHD Awareness month!

A note from Ryan: I do not have an official ADHD diagnosis, although I’m considering going to ADHD online and taking their test.

For far too long, I have been struggling daily with thoughts like, “what was I doing just now?” and “why can’t I ever finish anything?” and, “hey, I think I’ll organize my spices spur-of-the-moment at 6am when my hot cup of coffee is already poured and waiting for me?” Yes, true story.

Welcome to my brain!

Or, in typical “shiny object syndrome” style, trying to use too many this-must-be-the-answer-I’ve-been-looking-for tools simultaneously! Someone only has to hint that they have a tool that works and off I go to download it and jump right in…sheesh.

Take Trello, for example, which I LOVE for using with my team, but NOT for my to do list. Why not? SQUIRREL! Let’s change the background! Let’s reorganize the cards! How about new labels? Oh, and let’s consolidate the 5 cards I made on different days that are actually different versions of the same thing. Sigh.

Yeahhhhh, welcome to my brain!

I came across this GREAT article that really encapsulates the ADHD experience and I hope it speaks to you whether you identify with it personally, or know and love someone who it will speak to.

Fed up, I was literally about to consider seeking if medication would help me ease the suffering, but I knew that wasn’t the course I wanted to go, at least not at this time. Note: I absolutely support the use of medication for attention issues, but my intuition was telling me that there was more exploration to do first.

One thing I did was follow some amazing ADHD icons on YouTube.

Then, I observed that I was completely overlooking something obvious but absolutely CRITICAL for me: simple, do-able systems. Bare bones systems that practically run themselves.

And, allowing myself to be perfectly imperfect. Rejecting the need to copy anyone else’s systems. Owning MY WAY of doing it, and letting my Kolbe™ MO (3393) guide me, too.

The Ryan Way is my way! I need shortcuts! I need variety yet, I need simplicity!

And, I need to follow my energy. Period.

Oh, and do not ask me to open a spreadsheet or a digital tracker! Just gimme a good ol’ piece o’ paper! (or my Bullet Journal!)

My tools, my way.

If you’ve read or listened to my book, you know where I’m going…yes, the CALM Method. It’s everything a too-busy brain needs.

Confirm one appt=instant CALM.
Set one alarm=instant accountability.
Lay one thing in your launch pad=instant preparation.
Stop for a second to observe those steps you just took to set yourself up for success=instant celebration and a Yay Me! moment!

And repeat.

What I love sooooo much about the CALM method is that it is. so. simple. You can’t go wrong! It’s so forgiving.

I hope it can help you, has helped you, or that you will share it with someone who it can help!

Ryan 🙂


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