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Monday, April 27, 2020 — I hate selling things. I really do. 10 times out of 10 I would rather simply give something away. It’s 100% less complicated, doesn’t leave you doubting whether or not you charged the right amount, or whether they will feel dissatisfied with their purchase, etc etc There’s never been a time that I regretted giving over selling.

When I’ve caved to “the pressure” to sell things in the past, I’ve always felt this confusing sense of how to be honorable and set a fair price, not negotiate too low as to feel taken advantage of, trying to take the requests in order, all which add up to, in my opinion, a lot of wasted time and mental energy. Nor do I ever get that delicious feeling of satisfaction as when I give something for free.

When you offer something for free (BTW I’m a card-carrying, flag-waving Buy Nothing Project freecycling groupie), it’s a no-brainer. But selling, I will only do on the rarest of occasions.

Like a piano.

I felt the need to sell (not give) our fine digital piano,; the one that we bought full-price, new, from Guitar Center about 8 years ago…since it was rarely played and I wanted that wall space back. I’ve wanted to sell it since late February, (a MILLION years ago, feels like!) but hadn’t had the energy to start the process. (see above…my reticence well spelled out) I had even thought about getting my kids to do the listing and follow up with any requests that came in.

Along passed February, March, and most of April. I still had not listed it for sale. I still wanted that wall space back and knew deeply that SOMEONE out there really needed this beautiful instrument, ESPECIALLY now, with all this time at home.

And honestly, listing something on Facebook Marketplace is crazy easy. Like, really no-brainer easy. So what was the hangup?

Anyway, fast-forward to this past Saturday: I held a 6-hour online paper organizing workshop called Paperpalooza. I coached 5 awesome ladies as they dug into their piles of paper, trying to ditch files and set up binders as they filled bags and bags to shred/recycle, and provided them with my wisdom, accountability and a sense of comraderie. Shameless plug: (it’s my blog after all)…email me if you want to join in the Paperpalooza fun in May.

I, too, tackled my piles, and lo and behold, I put my hands right on the owner’s manual for our digital piano. Well, okay, universe! Here I was with focused attention on making my life better by crossing off a few to-do items, and that booklet landed in my lap, quite literally.

I know you seeing where this is going.

I vowed right then to list the dang piano. After a quick bit of research on Craigslist to see some comparable items, I settled on a price and listed it on FB Marketplace! (here’s a little advice: ALWAYS list it for higher, so you can negotiate. Always. People who set a price and then say, “firm”…ick. OBO is much more friendly)

The whole listing process took less than 5 minutes.

I expected that MAYBE I’d sell it in a week or two and settled in to wait. It looked like there were plenty of other similar items out there for people to choose from. Well, late Saturday afternoon of that SAME day…an inquiry! After a quick dance of “will you take $X?” “yes, yes, I will” I was excited!

Unfortunately, that one fell through, but shortly after that…a second inquiry, again, with, “will you take $X?” “yes, yes, I will” and “do you take Venmo?” “yes, yes, I do” I was getting pumped! Long story short, she really wanted it, but couldn’t fit it in her car with her little girl’s car seat…I said I could deliver it, and then she immediately upped her offer to EXACTLY what I’d wanted to get for that piano!! Kismut! The stars aligned!

But there’s more.

I cleaned it off, hustled it into the car with my hubby (digital pianos are heavy FYI) and off I went to deliver. (Venmo received, GPS spun up) Within 25 minutes, I drove into some cool old apartments off south Lamar and found her apartment.

Here come the feels!! She was so unbelievably grateful. And genuinely excited and so touched that I would deliver it. She had been searching and searching for a piano, and was THIS CLOSE to buying one from Straight Music, (for more money, of course, and no bench nor headphones included) Then she checked Marketplace one last time; and there was my listing!

Bam. Love it.

Her dog and her little girl gave us moral support as we carried that sucker up only one flight of stairs (thank goodness). She ceremoniously dragged the tv to the side, saying, “This is way more important than the tv!” (choking up here) She was so excited to play, teach her sweet daughter how to play; basically this piano was the newest family member.

If it weren’t for this damn virus, we would’ve hugged like long-time friends.

This story does not sway me from my strong tendency to give over selling things, but this was the exact way the Universe meant it to go down.

Oh, and guess what? She’s a first responder. 🙂 (Did ya just get chills? I DID!)

Every time I look at the empty wall space where that piano was not bringing us joy, my heart will swell knowing she is the long-awaited star of her new family.

Cheers! –ryan:)

PS Thank you thank you for taking your precious time and energy to read my blog!

Ryan 🙂


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