Kids, pets, and allllll  the things…

Oct 5, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

A note from me (Ryan) – Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected the gift of such amazing replies from you, my readers!! Every week a few of you shoot back a thought, an a-ha, or a simple “this touched me, thanks!”

You 1000% make my day. Grateful for you, my peeps!

Now, I have a serious question for you.
First of all, it is AH-MAZE-ING to have my energy back and feel almost-all-the-way healed!!! (I feel great aside from the lingering cough…)

Here is my question. Well, actually, it’s a series of questions, ‘cuz that’s how I roll.

Are you putting undue pressure on yourself that NO ONE ELSE is demanding of you?

Have you been “self-talking” certain phrases so long that you don’t even recall when/how/why they originated?

Are you borrowing these pressure points from your history of origin without even realizing it? (yup, that’s deep…)

And getting SUPER REAL with this one: are you busying yourself with non-critical tasks because you’re afraid to dial into your real and true calling??

I know. I went there.

You know how I love to challenge you.

To hold up that mirror and remind you of certain things. Important things.

If you haven’t watched Superstore (from the gif above), it’s so great. Silly, funny, and poignant. And Glenn has my back here, perfectly saying it like it is!

Here’s the deal. Remember how our uninvited guest named “Overwhelma” absolutely loves it when you get snowed under by those unrealistic, unfounded expectations?

That pressure renders you immobile and stuck, and that’s Overwhelma’s #1 job. (we hate her!)

Or, you keep yourself so busy taking care of everyone else around you (including your parents/pets) that you run out of time and energy for yourself.

Being stuck under that “invisible work” is the death of your BHAGs, Karen!! (BHAG=Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal!)

Don’t get me wrong: I KNOW, firsthand, that peeps gotta eat, kids gotta school/activities/all the things, bills gotta get paid, all that and more-more-more…but does it have to DEFINE you?

To completely CONSUME your whole identity?

Are you waiting for “the kids are out of the house in X-number of years” or “as soon as this boss is gone I’ll quit” to explore who you are, what you want to do, and what you are capable of??

May I suggest you read that question above one more time, SLOWLY???

Your inner Wonder Woman is waiting. (I know there are few dudes who read this, but you know what I mean!)

You are AH-MAZE-ING because you do so much to keep the boat afloat, the people alive and accounted for, all unsung yet necessary accomplishments. However…please consider the next level.

What BHAG is in you?? What are your BIG DREAMS??

You are allowed to dream! To take tiny steps, even if they are only in your head right now…grow that glow!!!

Ok, whew! That wore me out, but I’m your cheerleader every single day. It is MY BHAG!! Sending you these weekly reminders that YOU. SO. GOT. THIS!!

We are here for you. We are stronger together and ready to tackle those BHAGs, Karen!

Let’s gooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Ryan 🙂


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