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Sep 19, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

What’s your jam? It can be a win-win-win!

Sept 19th, 2023 – (If you don’t have time read this whole email, then here’s the main point I’m trying to make: fill your cup by following your passion! Contributing time, energy and even stuff to a worthy cause can give you more than you realize!)

What lights you up?? This is a piggy back on last week’s message because it’s so important.

Yesterday, I got to fill one of my cups. How?

I got to go donate to a new-to-me charity that is doing great work with unhoused youth, called Austin Street Youth Ministry. A good friend of my with similar passion for fortifying the giving society taught me about ASYM and more on her incredible resource website call

In one of her many inspiring Instagram Reels, she shared that ASYM was wanting to offer yoga classes to the kids who come to them during the day for support. So I immediately turned to my local Buy Nothing Facebook group and asked for yoga mats. I got fifteen! SO QUICKLY, too!

One of the Buy Nothing group members that gave me some is the manager of 4 yoga studios, and quarterly she donates all the mats LEFT BEHIND. YES! People do this! (And don’t try to get them back??!?!??) She even told me that people leave their shoes…whaaaatttt?

Well, over the weekend, she dropped off another DOZEN! So off to ASYM I went, plus a huge blue Ikea bag-sized load of clothing that my other friend gave me after she cleaned out her closet.Yay for her! (but that’s a topic for another time)

My friends and neighbors know that if they don’t have time to donate stuff, I’m always willing to be their go to!

As you can imagine, I’m now known as “the yoga mat lady” over there at ASYM and I’m proud of it. The crazy thing is: it was soooooo easy to collect these and then drop them off.


Don’t worry, I had a load of my own stuff from my house to donate…my decluttering energy is flowing! The less I have to manage in my home the less distraction…and less distraction is the goal!

When we feel filled with good energy, we are bettter. We feel better. We act better. We simply function better!

Don’t you want to function better? Me too!!

So, friend, what’s your jam? Books? There are so many incredible nonprofits doing great things with books! Locally, BookSpring comes to mind. How about art? Here in Austin we have Austin Creative Reuse! My happy place!!!

Check out or, if you aren’t local to Austin, do a google search for “where can I donate X” or “nonprofits near me X,” for example.

Just find something that you’re passionate about and then could declutter and support them!

WIN-WIN-WIN!!!! A win for you, a win for the nonprofit, and win for your house!

PS now you know where I got the name for my business: Organizing4Good!!

PPS best thing I donated in my Buy Nothing group recently?? Well, a month ago I posted a large stand-alone green screen we bought during the pandemic but had stopped using. The librarian from a economically depressed local high school went crazy for it! Apparently, green screens can be used as teaching tools in so many ways!! And it was COLLECTING DUST IN MY CLOSET…again: FEELS. SO. GOOD.

Ryan 🙂


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