Maybe you feel 2023 getting away from you already? No worries! 

Feb 1, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

I know I’m a broken record about this, but things are so much easier when done together.

Exhibit A:

“I should really go for a walk.”  

Or, “I’m meeting Ann for our walk, I’d better get my shoes on and go!”

Exhibit B:

“Ugh, I have a big project to work on.”

Or, “I’d better get on Zoom for our co-working session because I don’t want to miss a minute!”

Exhibit C:

“I really need to get some clarity on where I’m taking this business.”

Or, “My Mastermind meeting is soon. I can’t wait for that magic time!”

Exhibit D:

“Our neighborhood park has trash and lots of broken equipment. It’s depressing.”

Or, “We had a 6-hr community work day in our park and it’s like NEW!! Wow!!”

I could go on, but you can clearly see: 

The power of togetherness is REAL.

Biologically, we are creatures of togetherness. So why fight it? 

Instead,  let’s invite it.

I recently joined a decluttering Facebook group. A paid one at that.  

Yes, me, a professional organizer!  

Are you SHOCKED? Appalled?? Even scratching your head a little?

I’m walking the walk!

I know that when I hitch my wagon to another, then we can travel longer and better.

Y’all: the power that comes with doing things together is the Magic Sauce! 

Exhibit E:

“Oh, crap! It’s almost February and I STILL haven’t settled on my goals or my Word of the Year. There I go again, failing at the New Year only one month in.”

Or, “I’m so excited for this Thursday’s free workshop (Goal-Grounding Day) so I can take some time to get my feet set and make a plan for my 2023 goals!”

To not partake and/or cultivate that magic energy is a disservice to yourself, so whatcha doin’ on Thursday this week??

A new twist on Groundhog’s Day!

Yes! This week is my first annual (totally free!) workshop called “Goal-Grounding Day” and I’m so pumped! 

When: Groundhog’s Day, Feb 2nd, at 12p CST for about 75min

Why: I know you have your 2023 “this is the year I will…” goals swirling around in your head, but you are letting Overwhelma win right now. You haven’t yet sat your butt down in a chair to commit them to paper journal, a Vision Board, or even a digital place of choice. 

How: Gathering together on Zoom will make all the difference! I know you’ve been thinking about your goals, so grab that folder, Bullet Journal, half-done Vision Board, or last year’s worksheets from some workshop; I know you have these things!! Oh, and if you like podcasts, there are about million you could listen to the grease the wheels. One suggestion: All it Takes is a Goal (Jon Acuff)

Come join the fun! Register to be live on Zoom with us and/or watch it live in the CALM Collaborative Facebook Group. Please request to join if you aren’t already in there!

As always, the replay will be available in the CALM Collaborative FB Group

You can’t go wrong!! 


Ryan 🙂


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