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Sep 28, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Author’s correction: last week I spelled the word “ambassador” with an “e” (embassador) which made perfect sense in my mind, since “embassy” starts with an “e”. Someone replied questioning my spelling, so we looked it up, and guess what? Both spellings are acceptable! Who knew? You learned something new today!

When life sends you sideways TWICE in one month (rude!)
As I describe in my book, “I’m a go-go-go-busy-all-the-time” kind of person: I absolutely love being energetic. It helps me get stuff done and spend time with the people I adore.

And I will NEVER take that gift of energy for granted EVER again.

This particular September has presented me with a series of unexpected (and unwelcome!) CHALLENGES…in my email on 9/6, I shared with you that I had not-major-but-not-minor surgery that forced me to take significant rest and dial into my body’s healing power. And listen to the messages. And take care of her.

Well, apparently my body still had more messages in the hopper, because Monday morning of last week, I got the scratchy throat, the aches, and the low-grade fever. UGGGHHHHHHH Very Covid-like. I never actually tested positive, but I was positive that my body was fighting something…and therefore…mandating me to rest yet again.

MORE REST? AGAIN???? It seems that all I’ve done in September is rest…and my FitBit is starting to question who I am…or if I’d put it on the limb of an actual sloth.

So, like a good girl, I sequestered myself in my office, which luckily has a decently comfy bed and dutifully, if unwillingly, rested. I’m pretty sure I drank 50+ cups of Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea, which is literally the only tea that I ever need in my cabinet, FYI. It is amazing.

So, back to resting. Borrrrring. 4 walls. Thank god for my feline friends, Charlie and Zoey, being my court jesters and constant companions (those cats are EXCELLENT at resting LOL!).

Anyway, I rescheduled as much as I could, kept my meetings to the barest minimum since my voice was unreliable and got tired quickly. It took me out for an entire WEEK. (Still coughing btw…)

Seriously, who has a week to just kiss goodbye? No one! How about twice in a month?? Yikes.

Do I panic that it’s the last week of September? And the last week of the quarter, too?? I could…

Plus it’s so hard to not be irritated at all that “lost time” being waylaid this month. I could really grind an axe on it…

But what is the point of being irritated?

None. Zero.

My favorite saying after “we are better together” is “FOCUS on what you CAN control, and let go of what you cannot.” (And always listen to Elsa’s wise words!)

Don’t you find it fascinating how different your actual week can turn out from what you planned at the beginning? But you still need to plan, because if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!

Remember those little square games with sliding tiles and only one open space? You have to slide the tiles around, one at a time, gradually, patiently, until you achieve the pattern or sequence. Oh my! What a game of patience! Not my cup of tea.

My message today is simple: just move around those tiles.

Reset and regroup.

You got this!! We got this!!

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Lots of CALM & love! OXO, Ryan:)

Ryan 🙂


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