Monday at 10:28am…sometimes it’s just the right time for a good cry

Oct 6, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

October 6, 2020 — Yup, yesterday I just fell apart at 10:28am.

Mondays are MY DAY, y’all. I LOVE Mondays. So much “fresh week” potential…lots of time to map it out and knock stuff off the list. It’s the BEST.

But not yesterday.

By 10:30am I fell apart and needed a really good cry!

WHAT THE HECK?!? (Who cries on a Monday??)

I think what happened was this:

All was well and good, bopping along in my essential Monday morning Focus workshop (Early Birds: Start Your Week Strong), everyone was busy and productive, including myself. I made phone calls, read emails, and planned out my day just like a usual Monday morning.

But then, my brain said: “Nice try, but this is NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW!”

There it was.

I’m typically a positive, upbeat, glass-half-full kind of gal…but…

All the political news, all the uncertainty, all the weirdness, all the changes, all the constant questions, all the isolation, all the global heartache of 2020…it all just LANDED HARD on me. A ton of sad bricks rained down upon my head. I looked at the Zoom screen with the faces of those kind, amazing women, and just barely squeaked out:

“I’m so sick of just pretending everything is fine, y’all.”

Why then? Why with those women, some of whom I have never even met in person? Why was that the right space?

It was a safe container.

I spent about .2 nanoseconds being embarrassed for my show of emotion, then I let that shizz go. They were there for me like loving air. It is amazing how palpable their empathy and heartfelt kindness was, via Zoom, at 10:28am.

If only I’d grabbed a screenshot of their collective warmth, but it is forever saved in my brain and heart. (hey Zoom executives, here’s your next marketing campaign LOL)

It’s all about having a village. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will be there for you at any moment you need…in celebrations and/or consolations.

ESPECIALLY in this year which defies description.


Ryan 🙂


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