More tales from May Madness…

May 16, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

I have a nugget for you, as always! And yes, it emerged from what’s currently going on in my crazy life (AKA May Madness). 

Anyway, you may recall that I have a high school Senior and am swimming in all that accompanying chaos…but just to make it WAAAAAY MORE “FUN” (LOL), after fully committing to Chapman University in southern California, he was notified that he’d moved off the waitlist for University of Pittsburg (YAY!) so we are in pivot mode! Pitt, here we come!!

Goodbye, year-round sunny beaches, hello…less sunny and colder weather, actual four seasons! But he is so excited. 

So what’s the problem, Ryan? What are you griping about?? 

Well, when you’ve committed to one place, then decide to go to a different place, you’re a bit behind the 8-ball getting all those deadlines, deposits, and details going, all over again. It’s so much!

You have to learn a whole different website, etc etc…eek!

Specifically, we are trying to get the housing contract in and it’s more confusing than we think it should be! 

I was under the impression that the deadline was the 15th (aka yesterday!) and that my son was already in the bottom of the barrel for housing choices. All those feelings were making us stress super hard. And getting super testy with each other!!

Enter, online chat! Hallelujah!! And during that chat session, some VERY IMPORTANT pieces of information were shared: the deadline is June 1st AND it’s not first-come-first-serve for the housing choices!!!


At last, here’s the NUGGET: Information is powerful!! Often, a specific piece of information can allow you to CALM down, set the stress goggles to the side, and move forward.

After learning that we didn’t need to have it all done yesterday (we got the deposit paid though!!), we could take some deep breaths, and proceed with CALM. 

So, when a situation feels wildly stressful, take a moment and seek out the INFORMATION that will aid you in dealing with things. Knowledge is power!!

Cheers, and hang in there for the rest of May!! 

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Ryan 🙂


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