My EPIC FAIL at 4pm

Oct 27, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

Yesterday, I took a big ol’ running start, and fell FLAT on my face.  (not literally, so not to worry)

Sunday morning while drinking my coffee, I was checking out my latest awesome business crush Shunta Grant of the Best Today Brand, and was INTRIGUED with her approach to routines. She talks about getting to the ROOT of why you fail and how to COMMIT to success. 

Anddddd, yes I purchased her mini-course, (the Right Now Routine-tm

BUT, (YAY ME!) I immediately opened it, started watching, printed out the worksheets, and spent hours digging into my issues as far as routines go. (ENFP here…makes sense now?) 

Hours. (Hours well spent, mind you)  
And the product was this:  a daily 4pm “wrap-up” routine to end the work day, prepping for tomorrow. And it was so PRETTY. 

Friends, I have been STRUGGLING to do this. Knowing I need to, how effective it would be… I do always write out the schedule for tomorrow, yes, but all those notes I took? …those open items left to do? loose ends??…I lack that piece of corralling those into the lists they belong. And yeahhhh, not setting myself up for success, am I? 

Ok, so yesterday, I thought I’d lain out the “perfect” plan and it was going to unfold like a lovely poem.  I’d set myself up for success, remember? 

4pm came. LET’S DO THIS!!  

I left my phone in another room, sat down with my notes, my calendar, and…NOTHING!   

Okay, not NOTHING. Actually, EVERYTHING. I was frozen. 

I had NO IDEA how to start. It was like someone opening the grocery store for FREE and telling me, “Ryan, you have ONE HOUR to get everything you need…oh and make sure you’re getting the stuff for those healthy dinners you want to make this week!” SO OVERWHELMING. 

I’m telling you, it STUNK. I failed EPICALLY. 

Or, did I?? 

I was MEANT to sit there and learn, face-to-the-fire style, you have to FIGURE THIS OUT A little bit at a time. 

Slow your roll, sister! 

Remember how I said that I for sure write out the schedule for the next day, without fail?   

LIGHTBULB!! There’s my starting point!  RIGHT THERE. I’m giggling with glee! 

With tomorrow’s schedule in front of me, I can identify what needs to be done. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. 

Pick and choose. Get traction.

Start small. 

So, today, at 4pm, I will get another running start and figure out another tiny piece of the puzzle. Hopefully, in a few weeks I’ll have figured out a 4pm routine that absolutely works FOR ME. One that I do as a habit, and suffer if I don’t

Nerd alert: it will be so fun and informative to compare the routine that actually works with the one I wrote out last Sunday.  
I’m super excited to figure out my OWN JAM, which is the only jam for me. And then on to the next adventure! 

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Ryan 🙂


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