Nike tells us to “Just DO it”

Apr 11, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Helloooooo, how’s that to do list coming along??

The longer you wait to do something, the BIGGER it grows in your head, am I right??

The task doesn’t actually get harder as you put it off, but your PERCEPTION of it gets bogged down in layers upon layers of preconceived notions about how hard it will be. Shall we call this “pre”-stress?

You know exactly what I’m talking about: it’s the “pre”-stress of churning it around in your head, letting that energy leak take over, and building it up to some monstrous task like summitting Mt Everest!

The longer you keep THINKING about a future task instead of just STARTING, the more you feed Overwhelma all of her favorite foods. (and a bunch of side dishes, too!)

Why do we do this? What can we do??

Well, Nike, you were super close with your now-uber-famous saying “Just do it,” but I would counter with:

“Just START It”

It’s the starting that’s hard, y’all, not the doing!!

So, I’m asking you this: what tasks and projects are on your mind, on your to do list, on your heart…day after day, week over week, that you find yourself putting off again and AGAIN?

What could help you with this?

I feel strongly about the inherent benefits of a Launch Pad.

A what??

A launch pad.

Back in 2020, I wrote a book dedicated to helping people fight against being constantly late and unprepared (because that is no fun) in which I created the CALM Method: my 6 step extremely-easy-to-implement framework.

Step 3 of the CALM Method is to Lay out your Launch Pad and it’s all about literally gathering the items you need to leave the house and set them by the door. It saves you time and stress and keeps you from doubling back in your house to go find stuff in a stressful hurry (so not fun!).

Let’s use this micro-superpower of the Launch Pad to help us “Just Start It”, what do you say?

Maybe you’re still grinding away at your taxes (I’m so sorry!!!). Or you have continuing education hours to complete. Or maybe you’d like to replace your front door with a new door that doesn’t look so terrible every time you enter your house. (That last example might be a peek behind the curtain, y’all! My front door looks like garbage)

Think it over. Even make a list! What exact items do you need to put in your virtual “launch pad” to tackle your energy leak project?
* Log in info
* Documents
* Headphones
* Contractor references
* Chocolate… LOTS of chocolate…

Let’s get even crazier and layer on the first 2 steps of the CALM Method as well! Yes!!

Step 1: Confirm your Calendar (set a non-negotiable time on your calendar as to WHEN you will work on this, then set a SECOND time, either as back up or overflow time) (Pssssst! I suggest our free Just Log In! workshop every Thursday at noon in the CALM Collaborative FB group)

Step 2: Arm your Alarms (literally set alarms in your phone to go off 9 minutes before the times you have blocked on your calendar)

When you PREPARE to start, then STARTING feels so much more doable!! And when we START STRONG with a launch pad and the CALM Method on our side, then Overwhelma is downright powerless.

Steps 1, 2, 3 of the CALM Method and watch those energy leaks be gone!!


And do NOT forget to CELEBRATE!! (That’s Step 6 and it’s a good one!!)

Yay you!! And yay Elaine!!

Ryan 🙂


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