Nothing like conquering a 4000-lb ENERGY LEAK

Aug 31, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

I know you have energy leaks…they MUST be addressed!

The year was 2020. You may or may not remember…or if you do, it’s a bit hazy, surreal. A pandemic unfolded before our disbelieving eyes.

We were all home. All the time. The kids did NOT go back to school. The husband did not travel and was working from home. All the time.

We had people occupying all the rooms. All day long.

I was reformulating and relaunching my organizing business from the dining room table…with all the people passing by at all times looking for more food in the kitchen.

Organizing4good’s flagship offering, Find FOCUS Membership, was somehow born right there at that dining table, in spite of all those hungry, distracting humans!!

It was all about the PIVOT!

So, we determined: we need more rooms around here!

The plan: a man shack. Or a she-shed. A room in the backyard for separation from everyone else was needed.

The problem: the “quick room” company was slow because they were so busy. I suppose we weren’t the only ones with this same plan!

The decisions were slow. The city permits were, you know, as city permits go, like molasses. We had so many fits and starts, bumps and drags, that we simultaneously looked into Plan B.

Plan B: buy an Airstream camper and plop it in the backyard. Presto! A room with all the living necessities.

Problem: in 2020, Airstream campers were nearly impossible to find and purchase.


But my hubby is the master of research. He really is!

Somehow, he found one. A BRAND NEW one at that. A 16′ Caravel Airstream trailer. Someone had purchased, driven off the lot, then circled the block and brought it back because they didn’t like it after all! (wow, people…)

Welcome to the family, new shiny friend!

Their loss was our gain; it allowed us our first foray into this wonderful world of campers.

We went to meet her. Oh, how she GLEAMED! In that way that only Airstreams can do. We had an hour+-long introduction to all the buttons, pulleys, and compartments. (I took videos because it was so overwhelming!)

At that time, we didn’t own any vehicles that had 4000 lbs of towing capacity, so that began another simultaneous adventure of selling and buying 2 different vehicles to welcome into the family, so we would have the ability to tow our new friend.

In the meantime, in order to get her to our home, we hired a good ol’ guy to tow our shiny new friend to our backyard in Austin. Done.

Hello, Caravel! Welcome to the family!

It was a useful (and so cute!) addition of space. We could sleep out there. It had a/c and heat, and all the things.

It was even a makeshift sound studio where I recorded myself reading my book, The CALM Method, which became the first edition of my audiobook! And it wasn’t too shabby, actually. (And here’s my TikTok)

Now fast forward past too many plans, pivots, and purchases of accessories. Once the pandemic loosened up, we realized something: we were never, ever going to be brave enough to take her out. We don’t even know how to do all those camper things. The trailing things. The buttons, pulleys and compartments…so confusing!

I would look at it every day, and feel…the energy leak. (the expensive kind!)
Energy leaks are soooo not fun. EXPENSIVE energy leaks are even worse!

We are NOT camper people. We finally accepted it.

Acceptance is key!

(not actual footage)

And, at last, we knew. She must go to another owner. To someone who will love her and use her to her full potential. To use her at all!! To let her run wild in national parks living her best life!

Y’all, we didn’t even hook up the gross water tank, not even once. (Did I mention we are NOT camper people?)

So the new plan began. Was this Plan C or D??

Goal: cut off this energy (and money) leak and sell the Airstream.

How exactly does one re-home an Airstream camper? Time for some research.

Luckily, there is an active society out there buying and selling campers! Woohoo! And Airstreams, especially ones in “mint-condish” like ours, are in demand.

Excitingly, we found that we could take it to a camper dealership only 30 minutes down the road, and they would keep it there and they would SHOW IT!! Wash her, make her look so pretty and desirable so that someone else would decide that they are in fact, camper people, and then buy her!!

Long story short (too late!!), we are Airstream-free, the Bank of America loan paid, the service plan refunded, and a little extra back to us in the form of a check.

You just gotta keep on keeping on!! Knock down those energy leaks!!

And, remember, we are better together, people! If you want a cheering section as you tackle the daily grind, consider the Find FOCUS Membership for amazing community and accountability!

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Ryan 🙂


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