Old school family time is the BEST!

Jul 27, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Well, that sure went by fast!

As I type out this email, I sit by the window in a family wing chair in North Carolina at the tail end of a FABULOUS visit with my extended family. Mostly to celebrate my brother’s 60th birthday. But it was so much more than that!  

Spending time with extended family requires more planning when you live in opposite corners of the country. Or at least several states away. But family time is precious. 

You gotta MAKE time for it!

Enjoy this reel about me getting my fix of being a godmother auntie:)

Also, I taught my 8 year old nephew how to play the card game “War!” Old school, easy fun. We had a blast! 

Anyone else getting Queen’s Gambit vibes from that pic??

(photo credit: By http://www.impawards.com/tv/queens_gambit.html, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=66580721)

Anyway, as we bring July to a close, we edge closer to the next season of “back to school” or “back-to-what-is-closer-to-your-typical-life-for-most-of-the-year.”

Back to those routines. (What are those routines? Food for thought.)

Andddd, it’s the second half of the year. So much time left to dial in.

Take stock of what you still want to accomplish.  

Tackle what is ahead. No regrets for the past in that “I should’ve gotten more done…”

(Hint: you have done way more than you’re giving yourself credit for!)

Got it?? Let’s do this!

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Even if it’s your first one, we would absolutely love to see you this Thursday for our last week of the Surf Your Way to Inbox CALM series, either live on Zoom or live in our FB group, AKA the CALM Collaborative, or commenting in the replay.

You can be the boss of your email, it’s absolutely true!! Join us!!!

Ryan 🙂


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